Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Babysitter's a Vampire

While babysitting my 8 year old cousin, she says she "has" to watch the Disney Channel because a movie she wants to watch "sooooo bad" is coming on.... I say ok and put it on and low and behold, the name of the movie is "My Baby-Sitter's a Vampire."

Because it said vampire, it caught my interest, so I made us some popcorn and I watched it with her. It's still on as we speak, but I could not sit here and not tell you guys about it. It's about a movie that is sweeping the nation called "DUSK III: UNBITTEN" and its about a vampire and a human romance.... Sound familiar???? Lmao I've been laughing and rolling my eyes the ENTIRE movie. It's also showed a girl who's totally obsessed with the movies (much like with the real Twilight) and the movie (Unbitten I mean) features a a vampire who is able to go in and out her window when they're talking, he sparkles in light, and he has super speed. I swear, this movie is terrible, but my cousin (who's never read the series or seen the movies) is loving it. I don't have the heart to break it to her lol

Anyways with the movie craze still going on, the big brother of the girl being "babysat" proves unfit to watch his little sister, so their parents hire someone to do it. In the end the babysitter turns out to be a "vampire fledgling" and the grandmother of the best friend is an "Earth priestess." (House of Night series in here too smh) The fledging, who's "fighting her hunger that's getting stronger and stronger" is also trying to stop "Jesse" her now EX boyfriend who is a "REAL" vampire. I'm only watching it now to entertain her. Some one please shoot me now!

Don't believe it's that bad? Check out a trailer I found on Youtube of the "movies" Dusk amd Unbitten.


  1. umm...WHAT.IS.THIS?
    I thought the Vampire thing was over..ugh.

  2. That's what I said. And to make it worse, the Disney Channel has made it a tv series...

  3. really good show, very funny. I love Vanessa Morgan, so fine

  4. I ♥ M.B.A.V. You guys are just HATERS! Go hate on twilight!!

  5. i lov atticus mitchell hes so cute and mathew knight

  6. ok, disney, no, whyyyy
    invest in to steampunk, sci fi ect/ high fantasy
    i miss the old disney of 10 yrs ago