Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Boyfriend #6

 Book Boyfriend:

One of my favourite blogs The Unread reader came up with the ADORABLE idea of My book boyfriend. Basically every wednesday i tell you about which fictional boy im crushing on. If your interested in doing this on your blog go to the introduction post on The unread reader.

This week my book boyfriend comes from the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. He was SUPPOSED to have been my man last week, but I saw too many people with him lol (Didn't wanna cause an imaginary fight haha). But he is JACE WAYLAND! Or whatever he wants to go by. I know the info surrounding the triangle between him and Clary is a bit ummm... how sould I say this...  interesting..., but its not that way with me!
Facts about me:
  • He's a Shadowhunter
  • He's 17
  • Tan
  • Golden Hair
  • Covered in ancient runes
  • Nephilim
  • Loves mu shu pork
  • Hates cucumbers and bergamont
MY Jace:

Alex Pettyfer

Quotes to make you hold your heart and say "Awwwww"

-"Is this the part where you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?" Clary
"If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked." Jace

-"It wouldn't be my move," Jace agreed. "First the candy and flowers, then the apology letters, then the ravenous demon hordes. In that order."

-"A diary with no drawings of me in it? Where are the torrid fantasies? The romance covers?"

Who is your boyfriend for the week? What do you think of mine?


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