Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some time off!

Hi all! I'm just here to say bye to everyone. I'll be gone until next Sunday because me and the boyfriend and some friends are going to Panama City Beach, Florida. So any missing posts (since like last weekend) are the result of me getting ready for it, like shopping or driving there or coming back. I will post pictures later when I come back. 

But the actual point of this is to ask you which books I should take with me.... I'm only taking two because we're going down there for just this weekend, but the drive from Texas to Florida is 11 hours so I'll need some kind of entertainment. Give me any suggestions that you want and I'll come back later and edit my post and let you guys know what I decided. I'm looking for a "beachy, funny, contemporary romance" read since I'll be looking at the REAL beach and not Galveston's dirty one anymore lol 

Which books should I take with me?

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  1. If I'd seen this earlier I would have said to take mine! Just teasin'. Hope you had a blast. Post pics.