Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

This week I decided to go back to my Teaser Tuesday posts because the book I'm currently reading is just THAT good. Like everything about it is perfect... Besides the fact that the girl is a little slow, but hey, not everyone's got it lol 

Anyways, this week my pick comes from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. This book really is amazing. I started it yesterday around midnight and I'm already about halfway through. I just kept saying "One more chapter..." Anyways, here is my teaser: 

"You are incredibly sexy right now," Travis said in my ear as we walked into the living room. We danced into the morning, and the tequila running through my veins eased me into oblivion." 

-Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

This was easily my favorite scene in the book so far. I really wanted to pick something I hadn't read, but I didn't want to ruin it for myself lol 

What is your teaser for today?!


  1. great teaser!! I really look forward to reading this!

    My Teaser

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  2. I'm not going to be reading this one for a long time but I'm glad you're enjoying it! It doesn't sound like my kind of book!

  3. OMG, amazing teaser. I actually have an e-Arc of this book. I'm going to read this soon.

    Anastasia @ http://characterized.blogspot.com/