Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #14

This bookish meme is all about those books that you have gotten through borrowing, buying, trading, stealing, *ahem* throughout the week. It's hosted by Tynga's Reviews!

Shattered Souls (Souls #1) Clash (Crash, #2)  Sweet Venom (Medusa Girls #1)
Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey
(Soooo excited to finally read this! It's set in Galveston where I'm from and I can't wait to see all the refrences it makes!)
Clash (Crash, #2) by Nicole Williams
Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs
(This one was free on Nook, so I grabbed it up!)

Well that's all I got this week! What did you all get?

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

272, Nook Book
Release Date: March 6, 2012 (US)
Published By: Sourcebooks Fire
The Violet Eden Chapters, #1
Source: Own
For fans of: Angels, Fantasy, Hot Bookish Guys, Paranormal, YA, and Novel to TV

It starts with a whisper: “It’s time for you to know who you are…”

Violet Eden dreads her seventeenth birthday. After all, it’s hard to get too excited about the day that marks the anniversary of your mother’s death. As if that wasn’t enough, disturbing dreams haunt her sleep and leave her with very real injuries. There’s a dark tattoo weaving its way up her arms that wasn’t there before. 

Violet is determined to get some answers, but nothing could have prepared her for the truth. The guy she thought she could fall in love with has been keeping his identity a secret: he’s only half-human—oh, and same goes for her.

A centuries-old battle between fallen angels and the protectors of humanity has chosen its new warrior. It’s a fight Violet doesn't want, but she lives her life by two rules: don’t run and don’t quit. When angels seek vengeance and humans are the warriors, you could do a lot worse than betting on Violet Eden…

     Originally I was drawn into this story by the cover. I love the purple and the smoke that looks like wings and the falling feathers. But as I began to read, it became clear that I was continuing the story for way more than that. 
     Violet doesn't look forward to her birthday because it marks the day her mother died. Her death brought all types of questions that she never knew she had. That is until the man she loves tells her.... On accident. 
     She then finds herself in the middle of a battle as old as time and learns about a whole different world that she never knew existed. As she learns more about this new world, she learns more about herself that she never knew existed.
     This book definitely caught me by surprise. I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. It was like non stop action and a whole lot of suspense. Along with a little paranormal. It was a nice refreshing angel story that I found myself reading nonstop- at work, at the nail shop, and while I was in the library trying to finish homework. Yes I was able to catch the plot twist early on in the story, but even still, I was still hooked on the story. 
    There were two things in the story that I could complain about, but part of it had to do with the plot twist so there's really not much I can say there. But the second thing, was the fact that a lot of the stuff in the book was very cliche. Such as the night club they went to "Hades." Really?! You couldn't think of anything else? lol And then there is her last name... Eden. Like "The Garden of Eden." I guess. I just think it may have been cooler had it been a little more original. But for the most part I overlooked it. 
Overall, I give this

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Shattered by Jeri Smith-Ready

This bookish meme highlights those books that we are waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for! It's hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine! 

This week I'm actually waiting on a novella. But, I'm sure its going to be nothing short of amazing since its about one of my favorite Book Boyfriends EVER! So, without further ado, I'm waiting on: 

Shattered (Shade, 3.5) by Jeri Smith-Ready
Zachary's novella taking place at the same time as Shine from Zach's POV.
Release Date: 2013

There isn't much of a synopsis and no cover, but stilll....... I CANNOT wait for this book. I LOVE Zachary and I would move ghosts and violent shades to be able to get my hands on this. I really only want this because I read Shine and some of those scenes.... Man let's just say I'd love to know what he was thinking at the time lol 

So, what are you waiting on this week?
Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Have Yet to Finish

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we will post a new Top Ten list. Everyone is welcome to join.    

This week's topic is:
Top Ten Series I Have Yet to Finish (for various reasons)
These are in no particular order.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset (The Hunger Games, #1-3)
1. The Hunger Games series
Read: The Hunger Games & Catching Fire
UnRead: Mockingjay
Reason- This may seem childish, but I don't want it to end. I can't find myself to finish it because I have heard so many different reasons why I'll be upset about the ending that I can't make myself read it anymore.... Maybe I'll read it when my mom catches up. Right now she's only watched the movie smh

2. The Body Finder
Read: The Body Finder
Unread: Desires of the Dead, The Last Echo, Dead Silence
Reason- I have thee first book on my Nook and the third book as an ARC that I won. I just never had time to read for myself and read the second one. So the third one is just sitting on my shelf :\

3. Paranormalcy series
Read: Paranormalcy & Supernaturally
Unread: Endlessly
Reason-I don't want this series to end either. I've decided I'm going to wait until Kiersten White's next book (Mind Games) comes out so that I have more of her writing to look forward to.... Even if it doesn't have anything to do with Evie. 

4. Infernal Devices
Read: Clockwork Angel
Unread: Clockwork Prince & Clockwork Princess
Reason- I read and liked the first one alright, but as I was getting ready to read the second one, I saw that there were all these little short stories I wanted to read in order. Also, I heard the end of the second one had a cliff hanger, so I decided I'd rather wait until the last one came out rather than torturing myself. 

5. Beautiful Creatures series
Read: Beautiful Creatures
Unread: Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos, Beautiful Redemption
Reason: I read the first one way before I started blogging, so at the time I didn't know it was a series. Then when I finally found out it was, I was into blogging and didn't have any free time to read books just for pleasure. (Now that I do make time I'm sooooooo behind in the series, I'd have to read them back to back to back smh)

6. The Mortal Instruments Series
Read: City of Bones
Unread: City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire
Reason: When I first started this series it was already extremely popular, and with me starting on the first one, my review didn't seem relevant since EVERYONE on earth had already read it, so I just read the first one and quit. I have the second one on my shelf tho. I'm going to pick it up one day. Maybe when the last one comes out so I don't have to wait to finish the series. 

7. The Soul Screamers Series
Read: My Soul to Lose (0.5), My Soul to Take, My Soul to Save, My Soul to Keep
Unread: Reaper (3.5), My Soul to Steal, If I Die, Never to Sleep (5.5), Before I Wake, With All my Soul
Reason: I discovered this series while I was blogging and I've picked up the books anywhere and everywhere I can, but I hadn't had much luck with Reaper.... Until I saw that it was on Overdrive for my library :) I just haven't been able to get to it. 

8. Mythos Academy series
Read: First Frost (0.5) & Touch of Frost
Unread: Kiss of Frost, Dark Frost, Crimson Frost, Midnight Frost
Reason- I came across the prequel on Goodreads. I DEVOURED it. I begged my mom to buy me the book (it was during a time I wasn't working) and she finally did. When I finally got finished with it, the second book wasn't available yet. When it was, I just never got it :( 

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)Girl of Nightmares (Anna, #2)
9. Anna series
Read: Anna Dressed in Blood
Unread: Girl of Nightmares
Reason: Last year I read Anna Dressed in Blood during October and I was scared out of my wits. But weirdly I like things like that haha so I'm waiting until next month to read it. When I know I'll be even more scared :) 

10. Hereafter series
Read: Hereafter
Unread: Arise & Elegy
Reason: I let someone borrow my Hereafter book and I never got it back :\ I wanted to wait until it came out in paperback to get it again. By then the second one had come out and I wanted that one too but I wanted my copies to match. So I decided I'd just wait and get them at the same time and then just wait on Elegy. 

Welp, that's all folks. On some of these I feel like such a slacker. On others I'm embarrassed I'm being so childish. What do you think? 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cover Reveal: Losing It by Cora Carmack

This is one of those covers that I'm absolutely honored to reveal! I LOVE it and the synopsis sounds hilarious! 

LOSING IT by Cora Carmack releases October 16th.

About the Book

College student Bliss Edwards is sick of being the only virgin among her friends. She decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose her virginity quickly and simply— a one-night stand. Her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she chickens out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed. Already embarrassed, it only gets worse when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, and recognizes her new Theatre professor. She’d left him naked in her bed about eight hours earlier. 

Add this to your GoodReads list: Here

About the Author

Cora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She’s done a multitude of things in her life-- boring jobs (like working at Target), Fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). She loves theatre, travel, and anything that makes her laugh. She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it. Awkward people need love, too. Her first book, a New Adult Contemporary Romance called LOSING IT releases October 16th.

So what do you think about the cover? I think its gorgeous! 
And I know you all read that synopsis and laughed! 
Don't forget to check "Losing It" out October 16th! 

Crash by Nicole Williams

Nook Book, 543 pages (?)
Release Date: July 19th, 2012
Published by: Nicole Williams
Crash, #1
Source: Own
For fans of: Contemporary Romance, Chick-lit, New Adult, Goodie Two Shoes Girls with Bad Boys

Southpointe High is the last place Lucy wanted to wind up her senior year of school. Right up until she stumbles into Jude Ryder, a guy whose name has become its own verb, and synonymous with trouble. He's got a rap sheet that runs longer than a senior thesis, has had his name sighed, shouted, and cursed by more women than Lucy dares to ask, and lives at the local boys home where disturbed seems to be the status quo for the residents. Lucy had a stable at best, quirky at worst, upbringing. She lives for wearing the satin down on her ballet shoes, has her sights set on Juilliard, and has been careful to keep trouble out of her life. Up until now. 

Jude's everything she needs to stay away from if she wants to separate her past from her future. Staying away, she's about to find out, is the only thing she's incapable of. 

For Lucy Larson and Jude Ryder, love's about to become the thing that tears them apart.

     This book gave me a lot of mixed feelings. I had heard so many things about Jude Ryder that I knew I had to meet him. So, I finally decided to dive head first into this story. What I got wasn't quite what I expected. 
     Lucy is a girl who is very sarcastic and will tell you how she feels in any kind of situation. She recently suffered through a trauma that causes her to think she is able to save any and everyone. This Superhero complex doesn't change, even when she meets broken and bruised Jude Ryder. Together they find out things about each other that makes them in turn more about themselves. They fall in love and ironically, they turn out to be closer than they ever thought. 
     What I enjoyed about the book was the writing. Every hot and steamy scene I was GLUED to. Williams really knows how to write a great love scene. She never went to far, but as a New Adult book, she gave us just enough. 
     But I had to imagine Jude they way I thought he should look. For some reason, I did not like the author's description of him. I felt Idk, just that he should be different in a way. He just didn't seem hot enough for me. Which is weird, because he definitely IS  a bad boy which I LOVED about him. 
     Another thing I didn't really enjoy, was the unrealistic situations in the book. There were some times when I found myself rolling my eyes and saying "Really?" I mean I know this is a book, but if you're going to label it "Realistic Fiction" and base it off a romance, at leasst make it believable. A lot of what was in this book would not have ever taken place in the real world. 
     What I did like though was the ending. I love how everything tied together. A couple of pages towards the end I felt like I had a lot of questions, but they were all answered in the end which I really enjoyed. 
     In the end, it was an enjoyable read, but it didn't quite tickle "my bad boy and goodie two shoes girl fancy..."
Overall, I give this 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #13

This meme shows the blogoshphere what we have bought, borrowed, received for review, or got just for fun. It's hosted by Tynga's Reviews :)

This week I got ALOT of great things.... (As if I didn't have enough to read already smh) But there was a sell at Hastings for buy 3 get 1 free so I just HAD to capitalize on it. So, here's what I got... 

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz
Everneath by Brodi Ashton (Which I brought off line and the thing they packed it in dyed my cover :\ Talk about upset)
Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst
Blood Read Road by Moira Young

(as they are E-Books....) 

If I LieThe Raven Boys (Raven Cycle, #1)Auracle
If I Lie by Corrine Jackson
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Auracle by Gina Rosati

Welp, here's all the wonderfulness I got this week! I'm so excited to start reading it all!
What did you think of my mailbox? 
What did you get in yours? 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday: Late Edition...

Book Blogger Hop
Hey guys! This was originally supposed to be posted yesterday, but I realized I put the wrong date when I scheduled it.... Soooo without further ado, here is my Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday...... ON SATURDAY! 

Question of the week: What is one thing that your blog readers probably do not know about you?

A: I have three different phobias... Two of which are normal, one that is not. First off, I'm claustrophobic. I HATE closed in spaces. Secondly, I have arachnophibia. I HATE spiders. And for the weird one, I have Podophobia, which is the fear of feet. If its not a baby's feet or my own, if you put them near me or on me, I will FREAK OUT. And I don't take my shoes and socks off anywhere, even in the summer time. If I'm taking a shower anywhere other than my house, I bring shower shoes. Idk what it is, but feet are just super disguisting to me.... Please don't judge me too hard lol

Question of the Week: What hyped up book was worth all of the fuss?

A:Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)Pure (Covenant, #2)Deity (Covenant, #3)
I put off reading the Covenant series for a loooong time and I was so upset I did once I finally got around to it. This series exceeded all my expectations; it had mythology, a SUPER hot guy, and a kick ass heroine. Seriously, if you haven't read this series, its worth ALLLLLLL the hype and more. Get this book now!

Well there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my weird post for the day! 
What do I not know about you? 
What book do you think deserves all the hype its gotten? 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bookish News!!!

This is a feature I present whenever there is some huge news going on in the bookish world! And last night, there was some really great news about a book that I LOVED when I read it a few years back. That book is Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia!

As I'm pretty sure you've heard, it was made into a movie and the trailer was released last night. Guys, let me just tell you, its sooooo good! With all its southern-ness, window blasting, and spinning tables, that trailer is LEGIT! I cannot wait until its released, I will definitely be at a midnight showing. So, without further ado, here is the trailer!
I even saw people that HAVEN'T read the book asking "Omg is the window busting scene in the book? I'm SO reading this now!"So what do you think? 

Also, there was a cover released yesterday and let me tell you its definitely a looker! I LOVE the color and even though I hadn't read the first two books in the series, it definitely made me want to.... The cover belongs to "Abandon" by Elana Johnson

Seduced by power,
broken by control,
and consumed by love...

Vi has made her choice between Jag and Zenn, and the Resistance may have suffered for it. But with the Thinkers as strong as ever, the rebels still have a job to do. Vi knows better than anyone that there's more at stake than a few broken hearts.

But there is a traitor among them...and the choices he makes could lead to the total destruction of everything Vi has fought for.

Vi, Jag, and Zenn must set their problems aside for the Resistance to have any hope of ending the Thinkers' reign. Their success means everything...and their failure means death.

Here's the rest of the covers. I think this one is the prettiest one: 

What do you think of the cover?

Welp, hope I provided you with some good information! 
Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: 9/19/12

This meme shows the blogging world what we are waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for! Its hosted by Breaking the Spine!

This week I'm waiting on something that I'm sure a lot of you other bloggers are waiting on as well. With the recent sighting of scattered ARC's popping up, I decided to do a Waiting on Wednesday post to let all you bloggers know if you have a copy and would like to volunteer to let me borrow it, I would gladly give up a limb for it if you need any extra hands lol *Ahem* Enough of the begging tho.
This week I'm waiting on

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
(Lunar Chronicles, #2)
Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)
Cinder returns in the second thrilling installment of the New York Times-bestselling Lunar Chronicles. She’s trying to break out of prison—even though if she succeeds, she’ll be the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive.

Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. It turns out there are many things Scarlet doesn’t know about her grandmother and the grave danger she has lived in her whole life. When Scarlet encounters Wolf, a street fighter who may have information as to her grandmother’s whereabouts, she has no choice but to trust him, though he clearly has a few dark secrets of his own.

As Scarlet and Wolf work to unravel one mystery, they find another when they cross paths with Cinder. Together, they must stay one step ahead of the vicious Lunar Queen who will do anything to make Prince Kai her husband, her king, her prisoner.

Release Date: February 5th, 2013

I want this book so bad you don't understand. Waiting on this is PURE TORTURE! Someone save me lol 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Starling by Lesley Livingston

Nook Book, 252 Pages
Published August 28, 2012
Published by HarperTeen
Starling, #1
Source: Own
For fans of: Mythology, Fantasy, Romance, YA

Mason Starling is a champion fencer on the Gosforth Academy team, but she's never had to fight for her life. Not until the night a ferocious, otherworldly storm rips through Manhattan, trapping Mason and her teammates inside the school. Mason is besieged by nightmarish creatures more terrifying than the thunder and lightning as the raging tempest also brings a dangerous stranger into her life: a young man who remembers nothing but his name--the Fennrys Wolf. His arrival tears Mason's world apart, even as she feels an undeniable connection to him. Together, they seek to unravel the secrets of Fenn's identity as strange and supernatural forces gather around them. When they discover Mason's family--with its dark allegiance to ancient Norse gods--is at the heart of the mystery, Fennrys and Mason are suddenly faced with a terrifying future.
Set against the gritty, shadowed back-drop of New York City, this first novel in award-winning author Lesley Livingston's epic Starling Saga is an intoxicating blend of sweeping romance and pulse-pounding action.

     This book wasn't exactly up to my expectations. I was expecting a fast paced novel that would rock my socks off with all its mythology and action,  but what I got was just a mythological novel that fell flat to me. 
     Mason Starling is a girl who is a master in fencing. She can take over any competition and win against anyone. One night while practicing, a storm come and almost wipes out her entire school, Gosforth Academy. With the storm comes a mysterious stranger whom makes all the difference in Mason's world. 
     As I said this book sort of fell flat from what I was expecting. So here's what I really enjoyed. I LOVED the mythology aspect of the story. It was a really interesting read. I'm not that familiar with Norse mythology (although its like all other legends where they are all basically the same gods and goddess and they all do the same things, just with different names) so everything I read in this book was basically a learning experience. I learned a lot from this book and was able to take a lesson away from it. 
     The only bad thing about this lesson, was the fact that the plot was moving so slow. It seemed like after the amazinf first chapter, nothing "exciting" happened until the middle of the book. That quarter in between just seemed like an information dump. Then at the second part it of the book it was the same way. The first quarter was like another information dump (like she was setting up for the climax) and then there was the amazing ending. It was literally like this /\_____/\____/\
     Then there was the writing itself. I LOVED its descriptiveness. Its what saved the story for me. I wanted to continue reading her writing versus wanted to finish reading the story. Its what kept me pulled into the story. 
     But along with that comes the insta-love. The romance was pretty weird. Like at first, it was they didn't like/know each other and then as soon as they were able to spend more time together, after the first time they were in love. I can't stand that instalove scenario anymore. Be original, make them fight for each other, make their love forbidden or something. 
     Overall, it wasn't a bad book. i really enjoyed the writing and the mythology. The plot and insta-love not so much... But with  an ending like that I will definitely be completing the series. 
Overall, I give this

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #12

This meme shows the blogoshphere what we have bought, borrowed, received for review, or got just for fun. It's hosted by Tynga's Reviews :)

This week I got a couple of goodies that I'm pretty excited about!

I've been looking for a really good contemporary with a bad dude and a goodie two shoes girl because those are the ones I seem to LOOOVEEE and this was recommended to me... 

Crash (Crash, #1)
Crash by Nicole Williams (ebook)

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1) A Season of Eden
Embrace by Jessica Shirvington (ebook)
A Season of Eden by Jennifer Laurens (ebook)

I bought Embrace for $2.99 and A Season of Eden for free on Kindle! 

So, that's what I got this week! What did you all get? 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Speechless by Hannah Harrington

E-ARC, 282 Pages
Release Date: August 28th, 2012
Published by: Harlequin Teen
Source: NetGalley*
For fans of: Chick-lit, Realistic Fiction, YA, GLBT

Everyone knows that Chelsea Knot can't keep a secret

Until now. Because the last secret she shared turned her into a social outcast—and nearly got someone killed.

Now Chelsea has taken a vow of silence—to learn to keep her mouth shut, and to stop hurting anyone else. And if she thinks keeping secrets is hard, not speaking up when she's ignored, ridiculed and even attacked is worse.

But there's strength in silence, and in the new friends who are, shockingly, coming her way—people she never noticed before; a boy she might even fall for. If only her new friends can forgive what she's done. If only she can forgive herself.

     After reading the synopsis, I was a little like "ehhh" kind of sounds like a weird premise. I mean really, what high school girl you know would really decide to take a vow of silence? But then after reading and finding out the event that caused it, I see exactly why. What happens is heart breaking. Many people don't see the effect that society has on teens, but this story shows just that. This story tells just how "important" your peer's opinion is. 
     Chelsea has had the biggest mouth in her grade since she can remember. Any news she got, she spread it. Which is the reason her best friend is the most popular girl in school. But then one night something happens and Chelsea is scared into silence. Because she did the one thing that no one else would do.... She was brave
     I can absolutely relate to this book because being only 23 I still remember being in high school and how everyone acted. I can truly say it was portrayed as a modern day high school. For this reason, I LOVED the characters. They were easy for me to connect with and I understood they were acting that way because of
     As for the romance in this novel, it kind of unexpected for me. I knew it to be a contemporary romance and that eventually she would fall for someone, but I honestly thought it would be someone else. It was actually a bit of a surprise when the secret came out. It was quite refreshing to have it be them. 
     Speechless is a tale of growth, friendship, and love. It will leave you thinking about the bigger issue it covers long after you turn the last page. 
Overall, I give this

 *I received this for free from NetGalley and Harlequin Teen in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much to both of you. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Follow Friday!

Finally its the weekend! Something to get excited about! Time to go out and have some fun, or just go out and relax! But on to the meme!

"Follow Friday" is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Don’t forget to comment and leave your link so I can return your follows.

Q:  What hyped up book do you think was not worth all the talk?

A: Ok, I'm a little embarrassed to say this, because I don't want to be attacked lol but let me just say I DID like these two books, but I just thought they weren't worth all the hype.... They were: 

Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) Obsidian (Lux, #1)
Ok guys, don't all flock me at once... Like I said I DID like them, but the hype just wasn't worth it. In Obsidian I felt like nothing happened until the end and in Shiver it was just about a werewolf falling in love with a girl he almost killed. (Which I actually felt was kind of weird lol) 
So, how many of you think I'm crazy and don't trust my judgement anymore?!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bookish News!

Bookish News is a part of my regularly scheduled program, but this week some things happened that I just had to make sure you all knew about! 

First off, the cover for the book "With All my Soul" by Rachel Vincent is finally out! And let me tell you, it is completely and utterly gorgeous! Don't believe me? Have a looksie...

With All My Soul (Soul Screamers, #7)
The only thing I find unfortunate about it, is the fact that it doesn't come out until April 2013... ugh its so far away! What I do like is the gold and the fact that they made this one to match the omnibus that started coming out last year, since that's the copies that I own. 

Next up, I'm sure you all have seen it, but I wasn't at home when they aired so I was more in shock when I saw it on someone else's blog a couple days ago. If you know me, you know I'm talking about the Breaking Dawn Pt. II teaser premiere!
I admit, I'm not as excited as I have been about this ending as I have been for the rest of the movies, but honestly I didn't like the book Breaking dawn all that much. (Don't kill me all you Twi-hard fans!) But of course I will still be going to see it at the midnight premiere!

And speaking of movies, we finally have some news on the movie based on Divergent by Veronica Roth!
Lionsgate bought the rights to it and it will be ready for viewing in the United States March 21, 2014. After reading Insurgent this past summer, I am EXTRA ready for this movie. I will definitely be stalking the internet for ANY news concerning cast, movie stills, anything lol 

Well, that's the most important bookish news to me. If you know of anything else I might like or anything I may have missed, let me know! I love finding out things about books I love! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: 9/12/12

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme that helps us show the blogging world what we are paitintly (and sometimes not so patiently!) waiting for! This meme is hosted by Breaking the Spine!

This week I found my WoW pick while I was trolling my friend's GoodReads "Cover Love" shelf... You all know I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover... Even if it doesn't have that great a premise. But, this one I found actually has BOTH... That's right, a beautiful cover AND  a great premise....
So without further ado, this week I'm waiting on... 


Sing and the darkness will find you.

Shipwrecked on an island seven years ago, Lucy has been warned she must never sing, or disaster will strike. But on All Hallows Eve, Lucy hears tantalizing music in the air. When she sings it, she unlocks a terrible secret: She is a Chantress, a spell-singer, brought to the island not by shipwreck but by a desperate enchantment gone wrong.

Her song lands her back in England — and in mortal peril, for the kingdom lies in the cruel grasp of a powerful Lord Protector and his mind-reading hunters, the Shadowgrims. The Protector has killed all Chantresses, for they alone can destroy the Shadowgrims. Only Lucy has survived.

In terrible danger, Lucy takes shelter with Nat, a spy who turns her heart upside-down. Nat has been working with his fellow scholars of the Invisible College to overthrow the Lord Protector, and they have long hoped to find a living Chantress to help them. But Lucy is completely untrained, and Nat deeply distrusts her magic. If Lucy cannot master the songspells, how long can she even stay alive?

Beguiling and lyrical, dangerous and romantic, Chantress will capture readers in a spell they won’t want to break.

Release Date: May 7th, 2013
Published by: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Doesn't this look A-FREAKING-MAZING?! 
What are you guys waiting on this week???

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books that Make you Think

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we will post a new Top Ten list. Everyone is welcome to join.    

This week's topic is:
Top Ten Books That Make You Think (About The World, People, Life, etc.)

1. Kissing Shakespeare by Pamela Mingle: I just finished this book and it was a very intriguing read. *Warning Spoilers* The entire book is about saving Shakespeare and being sure that he becomes the playwright that he will be in the "future" and not become a Jesuit priest. It made me think, what would happen if Shakespeare HADN'T written those plays.... What would our English teachers have done without him?!

2. If I Stay by Gayle Forman: I've seen this on a lot of lists, but I'm sure anyone who read this thought "What would I do if I had the choice to live or die. 

3. The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg: This book really made me think of the afterlife. If there was one and if we are reincarnated. 

4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: Of course this book made me think about life and love in general. And the fact that they were so young really put it in perspective for me. 

5. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray: This book was filled with many issues that people in our world face. Although it was funny, it still dealt with some issues that caused me to think, such as sexuality.

6. Something Like Normal by Trish Doller: With this book I thought a lot about PTSD and the effect it had on not only soldiers, but their friends and family as well. Because I could relate to it, it really hit home. 

7. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment by Steve Harvey: This made me think about my relationship a lot.

8. Cinder by Marissa Meyer: Don't judge me, but with all the cyborgs and hovercrafts being the means of transportation, I couldn't help but ask myself if this is what the future holds for us. 

9. Delirium by Lauren Oliver: This book made me really sit and think about love as a disease. How would that work if the world really thought that way? Would we try to get rid of it as they did? 

10. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire: This book made me think a lot about relationships. Like was what Travis had for Abby really love or just over excised infatuation.... And with whatever the answer, was it dangerous or harmless..... 

Well, hope you enjoyed my lists! It took me a minute to come up with all 10, but I got it done and I really liked this list! Let me know if you have any of the same books on your list! I love comparing notes!!!