31 Days of Halloween: Personal Paranormal Story

Today marks Day 5 of my 31 Days of Halloween. Today, I want to do a true life paranormal story. Before I start this, its ok to be a skeptic. I know there are many of you out there, but just so you know, I am NOT lying. These are real life events that have happened to me and my family.

So, this one isn't scary, but it does make you think.... Before I was born, when my mom was a mere three months pregnant, she had a dream. In her dream she was holding a baby girl of nine pounds, zero ounces. Two months later, she was told I would be a girl at the ultrasound. Four months after that, I was born... At nine pounds, zero ounces. And that wasn't the first thing she had predicted.

My mother told me that story when I was about 13. She said when its something that she really cares about, she can sometimes see things that happen before they happen. They may not always come true,  but there will be something that happens to that person. She described it as God's way of saying "Hey check on them." But, I never believed her... Until it began happening to me.

Now as a grown woman, these types of things happen to me now. In just about the same way. In the mornings, if I remember my dreams from the night before, they come true. For example, just the other day, I awoke from my sleep and texted my friend who was overdue to birth her child at 3:30am and asked if "we had a baby yet." She didn't answer me, but I figured it was because it was late. Hours later, at 10am, she texted me  and said "How did you know he was on the way? My water had just around at that time." In my dream, all I saw was a new baby wrapped up in blue blankets. My dreams are never exact, but they do make me draw conclusions.

Now don't think I can sit here and predict the lottery numbers or that I can make myself predict something, because its not that good lol I would never try to use it for personal gain. I can only use it if that person its dealing with means alot to me. Like family and friends. Some may say its coincidence  but the amount of times its happened to me, my mom, and her mom, I don't think there's that many coincidences in the world.

So, what do you think? Do you believe that there is some people that can see things that others can't?