Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bookish News!

So many things are going on in the book world! I'm so excited about everything that is to come!
This includes all the movies, movie trailers, and new awesome amazing books that are coming out next year! Such as...

If you haven't heard, Shailene Woodley is going to play Tris!

I was thinking Tris was way more blonde, but Woodley is an amazing actress so I'm ok with it.

Then there's the movie trailer for Warm Bodies. Its based on the book "Warm Bodies" by Issac Marion. 

I have to admit that I haven't read it, but looking at the trailer makes me want to find out what's going on. Plus, I never watch the movie before I read the book and the trailer makes the movie look sooooo good! 

And last but not least, to those of you that have read Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout, the novella that I have been waiting for since I closed the back flap of Deity is available on Spencer Hill Press' website!!!!!! 
Yesssssss I am talking about Elixir
Elixir (Covenant, #3.5)

But please, please, PLEASE don't read this before Deity. I'm pretty sure there will be spoilers of some kind. 

Anything else going on in the bookish world I may have missed? 


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