Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TTT: Fave Bookish Memories

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we will post a new Top Ten list. Everyone is welcome to join.    

This week's topic is:
 Top Ten Best Bookish Memories (waiting in line for a new release, meeting an author, or some sort of great experience with a particular book that was unlike others)
These are in no particular order.

Not many bookish things happen in the places where I've lived, but I've made due with what I've had. And I'm still thankful for it! :) 

1. I was the first person in my hometown of Galveston, Tx to get Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! I had heard on the news that there would be a midnight release and I ran there. I was somehow the only one who came and I didn't have to wait in any lines or anything. My picture was taken and I was featured in the city's newspaper the next day as the "excited teen who had been eagerly anticipating the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series"! Cool huh?!

2. Having  the"its not really cheating because they're not real" talk with the boyfriend lmao He says I shouldn't be as emotionally attached to all my book boyfriends like I am and its cheating but I say its not lol 

3. I (ironically) did a TTT post way back in August 2011. It was my very first one and it was freebie. I chose to do "Books that I Wished were Released Yesterday!" I included the book Shifting by Bethany Wiggins (which I still haven't read smh) and somehow Ms. Wiggins came across my blog and left a comment. That was my very first interaction with an author and I think at the time I only had about 20 something followers. I have to admit I fangirled a little bit. I was very happy to finally have found a place where I could talk to authors. I mean they are like my celebs! 

4. That one time (four days ago) when I was the feature in Follow Friday! You guys, if you're a smaller known blog, this is a great way to get your name out there. I'm STILL trying to play catch up and answer all my comments and follow backs! 

5. Starting my blog. It was all over a project for an English class and I really had NO idea that it would become this huge important part in my life, but it did and I absolutely LOVE it! 

6. When I received my very first unsolicited books from Razorbill,Dutton, and Viking. (See my Stacking the Shelves) Guys, I had gotten an email the day before saying something was coming from Penguin and I had no idea what it was. Finally it got here and I was so super excited. 

7. This was a little more recent, but I don't have the actual copies yet. Less than a week ago I went and filled out the form for two of Spencer Hill's ARCs. I hadn't been getting much luck with my requesting, so I was just doing it for kicks. A couple of days later, I got an email saying that I would be added on the list for both of the books that I requested! 

8. Meeting people like Jen (Jenuine Cupcakes), Sara (Forever 17 Books), Lili (Lili's Reflections), and Molli (Once Upon a Prologue)! Being able to talk about books, send each other books, and fangirl with them over books is priceless. I know it sounds a little sappy, but really I love them to death. They have helped me and my blog's growth in so many ways. Even if they don't even know it. 

9. Just my Mom period. She read to me in the womb, when I was born, and still read the same books as me when I began reading on my own. She spawned this passion for books in me at an early age and for that I am truly grateful. The biggest thing I remember is her telling me I said to her "I want to work in a library" when I was six years old. Being able to work towards that now is truly an honor. It shows that anything is possible, even life long dreams. 

10. Getting my "reader" tattoo. It says "To know is nothing at all, to IMAGINE is everything." And imagine is big and has a crazy font like a child drew it. I wanted this because my ENTIRE life I've had a huge imagination. Its a huge part of why I read. When I read something like "The spider crawled up the wall" in my head I see an actual spider climbing up a wall. Other people can read that and just see the words repeated in their head. I cherish my imagination. It helps to keep me young lol 

That's all I have for this one! 
What bookish memories do you have?!


  1. Ha, I like the way the newspaper described you :) And obviously thinking about book boyfriends isn't cheating. Now if only they were real... but yeah, they're not. So it doesn't count ;)

  2. I feel honored that you included me in this. :D I'm thankful to have met YOU through this bookish life.

    Sharing a meal with authors after a signing has been one of my favorites memories.

  3. I just love all of your Book moments on the list! The Harry Potter one is so awesome! And your mom and the tattoo... <3 And thank you so much for adding me to your list as well! If I made a list, meeting so many amazing bloggers, like you, would have been on there also! I think that is my favorite thing about blogging, meeting so many people who like to read the things I do too. :)

  4. Aww, chica! This was such a good post - love your tattoo by the way. And just, your number 8. Really, really MADE my day!

  5. Wow I can't believe you were the only one that wanted Harry Potter! What a cool memory! I wish you many more amazing bookish memories and thanks for sharing <3


  6. This is great, and I LOVE your tattoo! I really want a bookish tattoo but I have no idea what or where I would get it, so I'm waiting until real inspiration strikes. :-)