Friday, April 5, 2013

Follow Friday: Books that Aren't Your Usual

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The goal is to increase blog followers and make friends. Basically how it works is you follow them, they follow you. Win. Win. So looking forward to making new blogging friends & following blogs! 

Q: Have you ever read a book that you thought you would hate? Did you end up hating it? Did you end up loving it? Or would you never do that?
A:This one's easy. Cinder by Marissa Meyer. When I first ward about it, I was like "cyborgs, future times, droids, and fairy tales too?! No way, I'll pass." But then I started seeing everyone's reviews saying it was Sooo good so I decided it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. And I'm so happy I did! Cinder ended up being one of my favorite reads of 2012 and Scarlet is my favorite read of 2013 so far.

So, what about you? 

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  1. Good one! I can see why people wouldn't understand the concept. I described it to my husband, and he looked at me very weirdly....but, he'll never know what he's missing!! My FF