Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge Day 15: Blogging Mentors

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine
Since this is such a cool idea, let's thank April for doing this! Big props to her. She's at Good Books, Good Wine and she made the entire thing up!) I know you would like to participate too! There will be a sign up on each day of the challenge. (Sign up here for the fifteenth challenge!)


     I don't have any blogging mentors... I kind of just went out on my own and did whatever it is I wanted. So, I only have a few people that I look up to and one day want my blog to be as cool as theirs. The funny thing is, mostly everyone that I look up to have blogs on Wordpress. Maybe this means a switch is in my future.... Anyways, here's my list of people that I look up to:
  • Elena over at Novel Sounds: I love her blog because she combines two of my favorite things, music and books. The thing I admire most is her creativity. She has a sweet tooth as big as mine and I would have never thought to put ice cream t some YA books. Even something that simple and she made it super "cool." (See what I did there??? lol) 
  • Rachel over at Parajunkee's View: She was one of the first blogs that I saw over three years ago and I remember loving her blog even then. She has posts on everything and the fact that she is the originator of Follow Friday (something even I participate in weekly) makes her even cooler. Plus she makes some reallly cool designs for everything. I wish I had even half of her talent. 
  • Jamie over at The Perpetual Page-Turner: When I first saw her blog it was a little after I started doing the TTT posts. It quickly climbed up my favorite blog memes so I decided to look at everyone who ran "The Broke and The Bookish" individually. I looked through her blog and saw all the different things besides just reviews that she featured and I thought it was pretty cool. I decided she was very creative and started following her right away. 
  • Ginger over at GReads!: I remember coming across her blog when I was fresh in the blogging world. I remember thinking I would know I hit the "big time" in blogging when my blog looked as professional and as cool as her's. She had authors and everyone else talking to her on her blog and I just admired how easy it was for her to interact with people. 
Ever since I saw those blogs, my world in blogging changed. I'm motivated every day by those women and their blog. 

Who are your blogging mentors? 


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