Saturday, August 31, 2013

Book Bangin: Dystopian Book Boyfriends

This feature shows up monthly on the last day of the month to feature our book boyfriends! Now if you know me, you KNOW I LOVE to flaunt all my bookish loves so this was the perfect meme for me!

This month we're celebrating our Dystopian Boyfriends!

     Right now I look like I just stepped out my own Dystopian with  my messy hair and no make up and all, but there's not a chance that I would ever survive in one. Honestly, I know I would be the first one dead. That's the exact reason I love these two boys. They can obviously do what I can't and I admire them immensly for that. So without further ado, here are my two boys: 

1. Four (or Tobias) from Divergent 
2. Peeta Mellark (or the Boy with the Bread) from The Hunger Games

     I haven't read that many dystopians so I only have those two! Give me some recommendations of some really swoony dystopians to help me ease into the genre a little more! 

Hottie of the Month:
Kyler from Frigid by J. Lynn
For those of you that did not participate, check out Kelly’s blog and get yourself ready for next month!


  1. I heart Four too. <3 I have Frigid, yet I haven't read it yet. I guess I need to push it up a bit so I can meet Kyler! :)

    1. Yes hurry and read it! I loved it! It ended up being a 5 star read!

  2. Omg Four!! I love love love him!! Obviously...:) Peeta, I adore, he just didn't make my cut! Terrible, I know! And I really need to get Frigid! Sounds fantastic! Yay Book Bangin! :)

  3. Completely agree with your choices! Theo James is perfect for Four...I'm so excited for the movie!

  4. I love Four, too!! So much! He was one of our picks on Swoony Boys Podcast.