Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Life in YA & NA!!!

     I came across this as I was blog surfing and saw that one of my favorite bloggers (Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner) had made a "My Life in Books" post. Now if you know me, you know I will never turn down a good survey or a good list lol so I just HAD to do this. Plus, I figured it would let y'all get to know me a little more! So, here goes, my life in YA! 


How would you describe your 16 year old self? Faking Normal
When You Looked Into The Mirror What Did You See:  Beautiful Chaos
Your 16 your old self outlook on life/motto: One Day More (I definitely had to take every day one at a time.) 
How You Think People Would Describe Your Personality: Wonder Woman (I was on honor roll, in band, read all the time, and was STILL popular! This is where my addiction with her began!)   
Describe An Insecurity In High School: Impostor (I was in so many things, I was worried someone would think I wasn't all that I said I was!)
Describe Your Worst Trait As A Teen: Cold Fury (A lot of the time at home I was pissed off and mad. Mainly stressed out from all the stuff I had going on. But around my friends I was happy.)
Describe the contents of your diary/journal: A Really Awesome Mess (I put EVERYTHING in my journal. From good things that happened, to bad things that happened, to embarrassing things, etc.)

Your biggest Fear: My Biggest Failure (It hadn't happened yet, but the thought of it loomed over my head everyday. And to this day I STILL don't think it's happened yet.)
You excelled at: Secrets and Lies (I got away with a lot of things. I'm not proud of it, but hey, I was a teen lol) 
You were always concerned about:  Temptation (With EVERYTHING. And to make it worse, I never have been good with peer pressure.)
You Thought Your Life Was:  Great

Love Life:

How would you sum up your high school love life?  Perfect Ruin
Describe your most serious boyfriend from high school? Knock Out Love
Describe your first kiss: Past Perfect (Right outside my house. In the rain.)
Your philosophy on dating/love: Leap of Faith (My most serious relationship was with my ex best friend's ex boyfriend. She hated me because I was pice for section leader and she wasn't. Then she found out her boyfriend liked me. Tough Life lol Anyways, we took a chance and ended up together for 3 years.)
Describe Your Worst Break Up: Monstrous (We broke up because so many people judged us on the difference in our races smh. Not because we just didn't want to be together anymore.)


Your relationship with your mom as a teen: Gone (We used to be best friends, but by then we didn't agree on anything.) 
Your relationship with your dad as a teen: Faking It (My dad is an introvert like me. He never said much to me besides"Go get me a beer." or if I ask for something "Go ask your momma." lol)
Your relationship with a sibling: On the Fence (With my sister being 7 years younger than me, it was hard to get along. She always wanted to know about my dates and to know about all the stuff I did.)
What you thought about your parents rules/parenting style: Torment (But the funny thing is, I grew up to realize everything she did was for a reason.)


Describe you and your best friend at 16: Perfect Chemistry (We went together like white on rice. We did EVERYTHING together.) 
Your Social Status: Between (I was a band geek, but we were so well rounded you'd never know!)
Describe Your Group Of Friends: Beautiful Disaster 


Your Perception Of High School Upon Entering: Pandemonium  

Your relationship with academics: Mind Games (With me being in mostly AP classes I was sooo busy doing homework all the time, it was hard for me to  get extra good grades, but I ok in them....) 
Your Weekends Were: Things I Can't Forget (From parties to football games to just hanging out. It was all just so fun.) 
If Your High School Life Was A Movie It would be called: Something Like Normal (I was close enough to normal, I just wasn't quite there yet.) 
A Class You Wish High School Would Have Offered: This is What happy Looks Like
Your Senior Year Was: Bittersweet (I was soooo ready to go, but I was so sad to go as well. I was pretty scared of what was to come.)
Describe prom: Just Like the Movies 
When High School Ended It Was: Meant To Be

The Future

How You Felt About The Prospect of College: The Beginning of Everything
How You Thought Your Life Would Be At 24 (insert whatever age you are now): The Sky is Everywhere (I thought I would be done with college and working in my career. Yeahhh I'm a little late on some things lol) 

Your Life Now:

Describe Your Love Life Now: The Fairest of Them All (Pretty sure he's worth keeping lol) 
Describe The State Of Your Friendship With Your High School BFF: As They Slip Away (We're still friends and we still talk, but we're no where near where we were in school.) 
Your Relationship With Your Parents Now: Easy (I finally realized that everything my momma said was true and I use her own words against her sometimes lol My dad is still the exact same way saying "Go ask your mom." lmao)
Your Thoughts On Your High School Reunion (either if you had it or if it’s upcoming): The F-It List  (I definitely won't be there lol) 
Biggest Lesson You Learned In High School: Make It Last (Nothing lasts forever, so when you find your happiness, make it last.)
One Thing You WISHED You Had Learned: What Happens Next (I wish I had talked to my future self lol)

Advice You Wish You Could Have Given Your Teen Self: Thousand Words (I once had an English professor tell me my words were my best tool, whether written or verbal. I live by this to this day.)
Something You Could Learn From Your 16 Year Old Self: Control (I was so great at multi tasking and having so many things to do. And now when things get hectic, I can barely keep control of it anymore.  I think my problems just got a little harder to solve though :[ )

Not gonna lie, this was pretty tough, but it was also fun to look back on my life and think about my answers. And Lord help me, some of these I was ashamed to even think about haha But others made me realize how much of a wonderful life I've had and how thankful I am for it! Thanks to Jamie for making this fun list! 


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