Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Books to Movies Post!

     Ok guys, this week's books to movie news is the second trailer for Vampire Academy! If you saw my review, you know that I didn't exactly LOVE the book, but I'm still interested in the movie. Only because it will give me a reason to reread the book and I need to finish the series. (Shhh I've only read the first one....) At least I have good reason though.... After Twilight, EVERYTHING became vampires and I couldn't stand anything else. And I just never went back to it. How's the rest of the series? Do you think I should?

Sorry, no Follow Friday today because I was sick last weekend and couldn't get to a computer to comment on everyone's things, so I don't have an entry :( Buttttt I have this super cool trailer to hold your interest lolol

Happy Friday!!!!!


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