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Rule by Jay Crownover

Nook e-Book, 260 pages
Release Date: December 30, 2012
Published by: Jay Crownover Books
Marked Men, #1
Source: Own
For fans of: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Sparkly Covers

     Opposites in every way . . . except the one that matters 
     Shaw Landon loved Rule Archer from the moment she laid eyes on him. Rule is everything a straight--A pre-med student like Shaw shouldn’t want--and the only person she’s never tried to please. She isn’t afraid of his scary piercings and tattoos or his wild attitude. Though she knows that Rule is wrong for her, her heart just won’t listen.
     To a rebel like Rule Archer, Shaw Landon is a stuck-up, perfect princess-and his dead twin brother’s girl. She lives by other people’s rules; he makes his own. He doesn’t have time for a good girl like Shaw-even if she’s the only one who can see the person he truly is.
     But a short skirt, too many birthday cocktails, and spilled secrets lead to a night neither can forget. Now, Shaw and Rule have to figure out how a girl like her and a guy like him are supposed to be together without destroying their love . . . or each other.


     Being a fan of the new genre New Adult, I'm not exactly sure what took me so long to read this. I knew about this book for months, but I just kept pushing it back. But then since Book 3 in the Marked Men series is coming out in the next few weeks, I decided it was time to get moving in this series. And now I'm disappointed that I let myself wait this long to read it. 
"'I don't believe in skipping ahead Dale. I read the book all the way through."
10% (Nook Book)
     With a contemporary romance like this one the best way to review it is by character and then the romance. So, let's start with Shaw. She was a weird kind of character to me. She was strong in so many ways, but at the same time, some things she did kind of confused me. Like, I know you were upset he wasn't being himself, but you wanted him to do some of the dumb things you had a problem with.It just made me question what all she was doing. But with everything else I loved her. She stood her ground and kept everyone from biting each other's heads off. She was from a broken family but was the only one that recognized family and love are the only things that really matter. 
"'You're like good whiskey, Shaw. You go to a guy's head quick and smooth."
40% (Nook Book)
     As for Rule, he was so broken and I hated any and everyone that had anything to do with it. His mother and father hurt him so much and all the while knew what they were doing. They broke him down to almost nothing and made it to where he couldn't recognize love. I hated that he at one point lost everyone he had loved. I really wanted to reach into the book and hoold him. But as the book progressed it was obvious that he grew and I was so very proud of him. 
"'We have to fix this." She gave me a lopsided grin, "We need to learn not to break it in the first place. ."
49% (Nook Book)
     Now the romance between Shaw and Rule was explosive but very loving. They both had so many problems, but they loved each other with every fiber they had. And I say that because going through all the things they went through (like Gabe, her parents, his parents) it's a wonder they survived. They had some setbacks, and they weren't minor ones, but it made the end result all the more sweeter. 
"'You have me Shaw. Anyway you need me, anyway you want me, you have me."
52% (Nook Book)
     In Rule and Shaw's world, opposites attracted and the end result was amazing. They also discovered that there was more to each other and their family than they were thought was possible. What I loved most about them was the way that their love brought not only them together, but their friends and family as well. 
Overall, I give this


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