Monday, March 24, 2014

Divergent: Book to Movie Review

Date Seen: 03/21/14

        When I first heard about Divergent becoming a movie, I was a little afraid of what was to come. I just felt there was no way to get the setting and everything 100%. And then I started seeing reviews of it saying that some people thought the book was just a bunch of scenes from the book strung together to make the movie, and I got a little nervous. But then I thought about it... What exactly were they expecting? To have EVERY scene, it would be wayy too long. There is no movie that follows the book with every last detail. But this one was close enough. (And honestly, what were they expecting? Let's be real here, all books to movies are the most important scenes from the book made to make a movie make sense....) 
        But anyways, I didn't have to worry. The movie ended up being all that I thought it would be. I laughed at the same parts (the Ferris wheel) and I cried at the same parts (the family situation towards the end). I was just as invested in the movie as I was the book. It made my list of top 10 books to movies.
     The acting itself was my favorite part. Theo owned his part as Four. And of course Shailene played the heck out of Tris. I was a little worried that the one part where I cried wouldn't turn out like I wanted, but she sold me. It was entirely real though, which is why I cried (loudly) in the theater. I was a little shocked to find out that there was a time that Shailene didn't even want to do the movie, but I was so happy that she did it. Because she owned it! They were both amazing actors. 
     Overall, I really liked the movie and I was so happy that it was amazing. I won't say it was better than the Hunger Games, but I did REALLY like it. (Speaking of, I got into an argument with someone at the movie theater. She said she wasn't going to see it because it was the EXACT same as The Hunger Games. I said "Did you even read both books?" And she said "No, I just know." I said "Well you clearly don't know very much......" lol But that's besides the point lol)
Overall, I give this


  1. I'm glad you stuck up for the book at the theater! It is the same genre as THG, yes, but that is the end of the similarities. Just like vampire movies are different from each other. It bugs me when people are closed minded about that without having any info to back it up. ANYWAYS, lol, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I did too. Thought everyone did a great job with the acting. :)

  2. Yeah, it really annoys me that people think it's like the Hunger Games, I blame the marketing.

    I read Divergent about 3 years ago, so the story wasn't fresh in my mind, but overall I thought the movie was good too!

  3. I really liked the movie adaptation!