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Waiting on Wednesday: 4/30/14

This bookish meme tells the blogosphere what we're waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for! It's hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine!

The Only Thing to Fear

     In a stunning reimagining of history, debut author Caroline Tung Richmond weaves an incredible story of secrets and honor in a world where Hitler won World War II.
     It's been nearly 80 years since the Allies lost WWII in a crushing defeat against Hitler's genetically engineered super soldiers. America has been carved up by the victors, and 16-year-old Zara lives a life of oppression in the Eastern America Territories. Under the iron rule of the Nazis, the government strives to maintain a master race, controlling everything from jobs to genetics. Despite her mixed heritage and hopeless social standing, Zara dreams of the free America she's only read about in banned books. A revolution is growing, and a rogue rebel group is plotting a deadly coup. Zara might hold the key to taking down the F├╝hrer for good, but it also might be the very thing that destroys her. Because what she has to offer the rebels is something she's spent her entire life hiding, under threat of immediate execution by the Nazis. 
In this action-packed, heart-stopping novel of a terrifying reality that could have been, Zara must decide just how far she'll go for freedom.

Published by: Scholastic Press
Release Date: September 30, 2014

Why I'm Waiting: I love that this is based on a real event, just told differently. It makes me wonder how things might have been had something like this really happened. 

What are you waiting on this week?
Will you wait on this one with me?!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Books You'll Love if you Like Criminal Minds!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the BookishEach week we will post a new Top Ten list. Everyone is welcome to join.   

This week's topic is:
 Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books If You Like X tv show/movie/comic/play etc. 
*These are in no particular order!

I'm pretty sure I've said a dozen times that I LOVE true crime shows that show the person went crazy (like Snapped) and how they caught them and fictional cop tv shows as well. It may seem a little morbid, but I like to use my sleuth skills and see if I can come up with the right killer before the cops do. So with that being said, I'm obviously going to go with thrillers and books that remind me of my favorite show ever:

Criminal Minds (2005) Poster

1. Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout: I had a theory about this one, but I just KNEW it wasn't true. Too far fetched. But oh no, Armentrout went THERE. Don't be afraid to think the unimaginable when you try guessing this one!

2. Wicked Games by Sean Olin: This one isn't out yet, but I've read it and I'll just say this chick was crazy. It started out as depression, but got wayyyyyyyyy more intense. Trust me, things happen that will get your heart racing. 
Don't Look BackWicked Games

3. No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale: The chick in this one may be like super weird, but there is something really weird also going on in her town. A place that hasn't seen a killer in years has finally had one and the people that thought they knew everyone is starting to look at everyone different....

4. The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: I read this one because on the synopsis it actually said for those who like Criminal Minds lol It's a bunch of unusual teens with different types of talents that are used to help close unsolved homicides. Things start to get crazy when one of their own is targeted...
No One Else Can Have YouThe Naturals (The Naturals, #1)

5. Frigid by J. Lynn: Yes there is a very hot guy in this one, but there is also a mystery going on. There is a crazy stalker going around and he is CRAZY. I figured out who he was, but it's still worth the read! 

6. Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff: I wasn't a huge fan of this thriller because it read more like a contemp, but the mystery part was still good. I was also able to figure out who the killer was in this one so I wasn't actually very happy with it. 
Frigid (Frigid, #1)Paper Valentine

7. Ten by Greetchen McNeil: I also figured out who the killer was in this one, but OMG the reading until I got there basically had me like 0_0 I was so into this book it gave me nightmares. 

8. I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga: Another book that I loved despite finding out who the killer was. It scared me really good so I was able to still enjoy it. I mean, who wouldn't be creeped out by a killer taking someone's eyes???
Ten I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent, #1)

9. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin: There is so much weird going on in this book it will leave you very confused lol I can't lie, I definitely was, but at the same time I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what happens in the final book! 

10. The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting: Despite the amazing love story that this is, I fell in love with this book for a different reason. I did find out who the killer was, but the writing in this one was amazing. 
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #1)The Body Finder

Did I miss any?
Any books that remind YOU of Criminal Minds that I should read?!

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Stacking the Shelves #84 & the Weekly Wrap-Up

This bookish meme tells the blogosphere what all we borrowed, bought, and received for review. It's hosted over at Tynga's Reviews.

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick (Told y'all I bought her first book right away!) 
And I finally got in my pre-orders of: 
Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

(I know I usually don't show what I got twice, but I had a convo with someone the other day saying bloggers don't buy the books they review so they don't see why authors and publishers make ARC's. I just wanted to point out we really DO.)
Summoned (Summoned, #1)Jellicoe Road
Summoned by Rainy Kaye (Kindle Book)
(This one is supposedly about genies! And it's NA! So excited to read this as I've never read a book with a genie in it before! And just fyi, it's only $2.99 on Kindle right now!)
On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta (Nook Book) 
(Another contemp that as a contemp lover I should have read a long time ago! I grabbed it because it was a daily deal of $2.99!)

Gifted from ATWAT:
Things You Kiss Goodbye by Leslie Connor
Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu

For review: 
The Girl from the WellMy Last Kiss
The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco (Netgalley)
My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal (Netgalley)

Mortal Danger (Immortal Game, #1)Hexed (Hexed, #1)
Mortal Danger by Ann Aguire (Edelweiss)
Hexed by Michelle Krys (Netgalley)

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday 04/21/14:  My Beyond the Book post featuring Open Road Summer by Emery Lord! It's that story told in Taylor Swift songs!
Wednesday 04/23/14: My WoW featuring The Fall by Bethany Griffin!
Thursday 04/24/14: My 4 Star review of What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick and my Swoon Thursday: The Forehead Kiss Edition!
Friday 04/25/14: Follow Friday: All About Your Furry Friends!
Saturday 04/26/14: My 4 Star Review of Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

What went on at your blog this week?

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Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Nook Book, 384 pages
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Source: Bought
For fans of: Thrillers, Contemporary, YA

     Samantha is a stranger in her own life. Until the night she disappeared with her best friend, Cassie, everyone said Sam had it all-popularity, wealth, and a dream boyfriend.
     Sam has resurfaced, but she has no recollection of who she was or what happened to her that night. As she tries to piece together her life from before, she realizes it's one she no longer wants any part of. The old Sam took "mean girl" to a whole new level, and it's clear she and Cassie were more like best enemies. Sam is pretty sure that losing her memories is like winning the lottery. She's getting a second chance at being a better daughter, sister, and friend, and she's falling hard for Carson Ortiz, a boy who has always looked out for her-even if the old Sam treated him like trash.
     But Cassie is still missing, and the facts about what happened to her that night isn't just buried deep inside of Sam's memory-someone else knows, someone who wants to make sure Sam stays quiet. All Sam wants is the truth, and if she can unlock her clouded memories of that fateful night, she can finally move on. But what if not remembering is the only thing keeping Sam alive?


          After reading Frigid, another thriller of Armentrout's I added this to my TBR way before I even read the synopsis. I loved it and I just knew I would love this one as well. And of course, I did. One can never go wrong with her writing. It can cure any book slump and will make you swoon, make you laugh, and this particular one may send your heart racing.
"'Cops don't drag lakes looking for survivors. They dragged them looking for bodies."</
29%      Starting with the mystery, this one was a doozie. I can normally come up with my theories about halfway through, but this one took me until about 75% through. And by then I had about 3 going on. I never did come up with one exact one, BUT, one of my many theories did end up being correct. But the story that went along with it? Yeah definitely was not expecting that. It was crazy and something I never would've expected.
"'But what I was feeling was so startlingly real. Like a splash of vibrant color in a world that was a dark, drab gray."
     Then there were the characters. Let's just say Sammy is one strong MF. She went through A LOT and she was still there trying to make sure everything was solved. She could've waited until all her memories came back but she stuck it out until the end. Then of course there was Scott. I really loved him. Although "before" Sammy wasn't the easiest to get along with, from the very beginning he was always there for her. I know it wasn't easy because siblings are supposed to despise each other lol But he still made it work for her. Then of course there's Carson. He was so incredibly sweet and super forgiving. He knew the Sammy that had always been inside her and had the patience to help coax her back out. And one last question... Was "Sammy" and "Winchester" a shout out to Supernatural? lol
"'What if the truth isn't to your liking Sam? What if it only makes everything worse?"
     The only thing I didn't like was the thriller part I guess. Frigid made my heart speed up and I was naturally scared. In this one. my heart didn't speed up until the very end and I was a little upset by that. I wasn't really scared when I read it and I really wanted to be. But in the end it did get my heart racing to stroke territory, but by then we were already about to find out who the killer was. I guess I just wanted to be more scared throughout the entire book.
"'Living was hard, but I was alive and that had to count for something.."
     Although I wasn't as scared as I had wanted to be, it was still an enjoyable read.  The characters and the NEED to find out who the killer really was had the book stuck to my hand!
Overall, I give this

What did you think about this one? 
Could you guess the killer? 

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Follow Friday: All about your furry friends!

Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee’s View & Alison Can Read.    
The goal is to increase blog followers and make friends. Basically how it works is you follow them, they follow you. Win. Win. So looking forward to making new blogging friends & following blogs!

Have any pets? Tell us or show us.

     No I don't have any pets, but I really want a kitty! I've seen so many shots of people snuggling with theirs while they read and I'm so sad I don't have one to snuggle. My boyfriend says the only pet we can have right now is a fish lol 

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Swoon Thursday: the Forehead Kissing Edition!

Swoon Thursday is a weekly event hosted by YA Bound.

 Here's what you do:

From the book you're currently reading, or one you just finished, tell me what made you swoon. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling, and your stomach fluttering. Shout it out on twitter with the hashtag #YABound, post it here in the comments or grab the button above and share it on your blog.

"A shudder rocked his body as I pressed a kiss to his forehead. In that moment, I knew he'd been wanting this for longer than I could have ever imagined. A giddy rush followed, and I felt heavy and light in his arms, safe and cherished. I wanted to laugh, to slow down, to speed up, and to never ever stop. My head was spinning when his fingers slid down my arms, bringing the straps along with them. His fingers found the tiny zipper on the back of my dress, slowing inching it down to my hips."
89% (Nook Book)

What made you swoon this week?!

What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Nook Book, 422 pages
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Published by: Dial (Penguin imprint)
Source: Bought
For fans of: Chick-lit, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction, YA

     From the author of My Life Next Door comes a swoony summertime romance full of expectation and regret, humor and hard questions.
     Gwen Castle's Biggest Mistake Ever, Cassidy Somers, is slumming it as a yard boy on her Nantucket-esque island this summer. He's a rich kid from across the bridge in Stony Bay, and she hails from a family of fishermen and housecleaners who keep the island's summer people happy. Gwen worries a life of cleaning houses will be her fate too, but just when it looks like she'll never escape her past—or the island—Gwen's dad gives her some shocking advice. Sparks fly and secret histories unspool as Gwen spends a gorgeous, restless summer struggling to resolve what she thought was true—about the place she lives, the people she loves, and even herself—with what really is.
     A magnetic, push-me-pull-me romance with depth, this is for fans of Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, and Deb Caletti.


     Seeing as I'm a huge fan of contemporary stories, knowing that I had not read a book by Huntley Fitzpatrick just wasn't working for me. So when her sophomore novel What I Thought Was True, hit stores, I KNEW I couldn't miss out on reading this one too.
"'Who knows what goes on in families, hon. Other people's stories are their own."
     The number one thing I liked about this one was the way I related to it. In case you didn't know, I'm originally from Galveston Island, Texas. Of course this means it's a beach. I found it so interesting that all the things Gwen talked about, I knew about as well. The causeway, the way they looked at people that weren't originally from the island, just everything. All that made it the perfect summer read. Then there was the fact that her brother had an unidentified illness that seems like autistic, but isn't. My little sister is now 18 and has been battling that same thing her entire life. Although there is a ten year age difference between them, I could still see so many of those characteristics in Emory that I saw in my sister. It made me love the little boy even more!
"'Embroider it on a pillow. Spray paint it on a wall. Just never forget it. Don't be a sucker. Screw them before they screw you."
     I also loved the realism of the story. I know I once said that Morgan Matson was the queen of realistic fiction, but after reading passages like: "We sail in silence until the sunset turns the sky streaky Italian ice colors: raspberry, lemon, tangerine- all against blue cotton candy." you can't help but think Fitzpatrick is ALSO the Queen because I mean, the imagery guys.... It was like she included every little detail just to make sure it was realistic. Like she wanted to be sure we would feel like we were actually there. And trust me, everything about her writing style made me feel as if I was sucked to Seashell Island and was watching all these events in person. Her imagery, the way her words flowed, everything was just beautiful.
"'Still, its good to know that this exists- true love- in my world. And not just in Mom's books."
     But unfortunately, there was something that I didn't care for. And of course it was something that couldn't be overlooked. It was the plot of all things. I liked that in the end things were not what I expected and I still was surprised when I saw everything play out. But I didn't like that it felt rushed. Like just to make the story end. Now I know the story is already long (this edition is 422 pages...), but what would a few more pages have done? And that epilogue just seemed like it was tacked on because she knew it was a little rushed.
"'Maps are the key to everything,' he says absently. 'Gotta find your direction."
     Along with that, comes the reasoning of why Gwen was acting that way. I'm all for feminism, but sometimes you go too far. Sex without any type of feelings is your choice, but be smart about it. Especially if you're doing it while drunk, with someone who gets around a lot, or if you yourself get around a lot. Make sure you always wrap it i\up. No sense in spending one night with someone and then getting rid of them, only to realize that you dot something else you have to keep. And that's what I was most upset with Gwen about. Although she was doing all that she wanted to do, her actions could've come with consequences and I just think Fitzpatrick should have explored those more.
"'Can't deal with the truth if no one tells it, right?"
     My first book with Fitzpatrick definitely made me wonder why I never read her first one. After reading just the first page I ordered My Life Next Door from Amazon. Although it wasn't completely perfect, I plan to read everything else by her. Her amazing imagery is too amazing to miss out on.
Overall, I give this

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Waiting on Wednesday: 4/23/14

This bookish meme tells the blogosphere what we're waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) for! It's hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine!

The Fall

Madeline Usher is doomed.
     She has spent her life fighting fate, and she thought she was succeeding. Until she woke up in a coffin.
     Ushers die young. Ushers are cursed. Ushers can never leave their house, a house that haunts and is haunted, a house that almost seems to have a mind of its own. Madeline’s life—revealed through short bursts of memory—has hinged around her desperate plan to escape, to save herself and her brother. Her only chance lies in destroying the house.
     In the end, can Madeline keep her own sanity and bring the house down?The Fall is a literary psychological thriller, reimagining Edgar Allan Poe’s classic The Fall of the House of Usher.

Published by: Greenwillow Books
Expected Release Date: October 7, 2014

Why I'm Waiting: Number one, it's a retelling. Number two, it's an Edgar Allan Poe retelling. Number three, I read The Fall of the House of Usher, but it was through the old illustrated classics back when I was a little girl and it wasn't as scary as it should have been. I can't wait to read this one. I'm sure it will freak me out lol 

Will you wait on this too? What are you waiting on this week?! Leave it in the comments!

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Top Ten Characters Who Piss me off, Would be my BFF, & Have the Cutest Kids/Siblings!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the BookishEach week we will post a new Top Ten list. Everyone is welcome to join.   

This week's topic is:
 Top Ten Tuesday:   Top Ten Characters Who X
*These are in no particular order!


Twilight (Twilight, #1)Wicked Games
1. Bella from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer: I'm sure she'll be on everyone's list. But I hated her. She picked a dead guy over a hot, living dude and she strung him along the entire time. Ugh it was just so unnecessary. 

2. Jules from Wicked Games by Sean Olin: She knew what was going on with Carter, but yet she still chose to do that one thing. And then when things began to get sketchy, did she leave him alone? Or try to help the situation? No. She just let it happen and kept complaining about it. That's one thing I can't stand. 

The Selection (The Selection, #1)Side Effects May Vary
3. America from The Selection by Kiera Cass: For her to not want Maxon, she sure isn't acting like she still wants Aspen. Maybe she does want Maxon and not Aspen. Maybe she wants Aspen and not Maxon. Maybe she wants both. Maybe she wants neither.... Ok, now you can see why she's pissing me off. There should not be an entire series of you picking a mate. That's Twilight without the wolves and vampires lol

4. Alice and Harvey from Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy: She treated Harvey so extremely bad. It was obvious he only did everything she wanted because he was so in love with her, but still she treated him like dirt. I really don't know what it was that made me finish that story. I didn't like Harvey because obviously he was too much of a doormat. 


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)Obsidian (Lux, #1)
5. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J. K.Rowling: I love them all. And they stayed getting in trouble and saving people. I would love to be a part of their circle. It just seems like it would be awesome. Especially in their world. 

6. Katy from Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout: She's a book blogger. ENOUGH SAID. 


Something RealBe with Me (Wait for You, #2)
7. All the smaller ones from Something Real by Heather Demetrios: I can't help but love these kids! There were so many, but they all had their own personality. And of course they were kids so there was something so very cute about them! 

8. Jack from Be With Me by J. Lynn: He was ADORABLE! He loved horses and he was so helpful all the time. And he was so well mannered to be so little. One of the cutest kids I've ever seen. (Or read about lol)

What I Thought Was TrueHow to Love
9. Em from What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick: Can't lie I loved Em. He reminded me so much of my little sister it was a little frightening. And of course his love for Superman all but rivals mine for Wonder Woman. I would love to be his baby sitter or big sister lol I'm sure we would have so much to talk about! 

10. Hannah from How to Love by Katie Cotugno: She was adorable. And she was a baby. She didn't have a choice lol The image I had of her in my head was all big cheeks and a toothy smile. Well semi toothy... Like two teeth on top and two teeth on bottom kind of smile. 

What kind of topics did you come up with?! What do you think about the characters I picked? Do you agree or disagree?!

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Beyond the Book: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

This bookish feature is an original by me! I had the epiphany for this the other day when I was writing out my 15 bookish confessions. (See #7) A lot of times I like to go "beyond the book" and do something that will connect me with the book and characters a little more. It will pop up on Mondays! Be on the look out for which books caught my eye and made me go beyond just reading it! 

Open Road Summer
"As he walks out the door, I blatantly check out his ass. Whatever. I can't help it. Annoying as he can be, the guy was born for a pair of Levi's."
Pg. 193

     Although this book was basically pubbed by the fact that there's best friends in it, there is a little more romance in this story and I loved it a little more than the womance. With this book being about a country singer, her best friend, and another male country singer all on the road, I naturally thought of a country singer. Taylor Swift. And with the romance being so troubled but yet so perfect, I started thinking about Swift's songs! Here is the plot of Open Road Summer in Taylor Swift songs! If you listen to them in this order, it will be as if you read the book! 

     When the book starts, Matt joins the tour to help make a bad situation better. In that situation, he becomes Dee's boyfriend. It's obvious that Reagan likes him and wants him to herself. This made me think of 'You Belong With Me." 

     Matt mentions someone that broke up with him because they didn't want to be with a normal guy. I know this isn't how he portrays it, but it made me think of "We are Never Getting Back Together"

     That night on 4th of July you can see the transition of things begin to happen. It's a really weird time when it's obvious that things are changing and Reagan isn't sure she wants them to. This made me think of "Everything has Changed." 

     When they finally got it together, I kept playing "Our Song" in my head. It was just the perfect song to me because being from the country (but in Texas) I can definitely relate to all the things that make up their song. Along with crickets and being able to smell fresh air instead of air filled with smog!

     Ok, things happen and Reagan is PISSED. But who wouldn't be? This was a serious situation. And after this happens, Reagan turns into that girl that wants nothing to do with someone. And it reminds me of "Picture to Burn." 


(I do not own any of these songs. They all belong to Taylor Swift and company. These songs were merely used to help publicize this book and Taylor Swift.)

     I'm hoping this didn't turn into a Taylor Swift fan girl post, but hey, this book definitely reminded me of her! 

Have you ever had a book remind you of music or a singer?

Have you ever had such a connection with a book that you had to go beyond just reading it? 

Join me on Mondays with Beyond the Book!