Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Bangin in April: The Goody Two Shoes!

Book Bangin' is a feature hosted by Kelly @ Belle of the Literati where, once a month, we talk about hot boys in books!

This month we're talking about those incredibly sweet



-One of the sweetest book boys you'll ever meet.
-Likes picnics in the park.
-Likes words and will ask what your favorite ones are
-Knows you have multiple brothers and sisters, but only REALLY sees YOU

 Matt Finch:

-He can sing.
-He will write stories for you.
-He has a really cute butt that looks good in Levi's.
-He will fight until the end for what he wants. 


-He will ask you to read to him.
-He will bring you Starbucks. 

Let's face it... Those two reasons are all that matters lmao 

Hottie of the Month:
What I Thought Was True

     I considered him a hottie because he wasn't afraid to show his emotion. He was hurt and he let everyone know it. He just let them choose to believe differently.He also continued loving the  one girl who he thought hated him. He just knew that he wanted things to be different. Him being so open and honest all the time made me fall for him. I wish EVERY dude could be that way alllll time! 

What Good Guys do you love?!
What do you think of my Good Guys?!
Who is your HOTTIE OF THE MONTH for April?

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  1. CASS IS SUCH A GOOD HOTTIE OF THE MONTH!! And I LOVE your title!! That is so cute and clever! Ok, I really need to meet this Matt Finch guy, don't I?...And I just commented on Danielle's that I cannot believe I forgot Levi!! WHAT?! Love your list!! :)