Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae

ARC, 323 pages
Release Date: May 6, 2014
Published by: Bloomsbury USA
If Only, #2
For fans of: Realistic Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Adventure, Travel, YA

     Pippa is in Italy for the summer and, despite her parents’ wishes, she has no intention of just studying the local art! She has a list of things of her own to do: from swimming in the Mediterranean Sea to getting a makeover – and falling for an Italian boy! As Pippa explores the dramatic ruins of Rome and Pompeii, she is swept into her own drama with two guys: an irresistible local she knows is nothing but trouble and a cute American archaeology student . . . Will she find her true love?
     The perfect reckless romance to enjoy whether you are home or abroad.


     I was recommended this by the director of the ARC tour website and I can tell you, she knows me. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the best I've read. It was light and fluffy and and full of love. Basically I thought it was made of awesome.
"I'm so uncultured. I know nothing about everything. This trip is going to change that."
pg. 11 (ARC)
     What I loved most about this book was the fact it was set in Italy. I know a LITTLE about Italy from where I work. (Meaning all I really know about is the food and wine lol) There were so many references where I knew what they were talking about and I just wanted to pick them out of the book. I mean all the mentions of gelato?! Gah I've been craving some since it first appeared. But of course, with Italy being so rich in culture, there were many other things to learn about. I loved that they visited so many places. I actually learned a lot while reading this.
"It's always good to try new things. Especially if it scares you a little'."
pg. 34 (ARC)
     The romance was light and fluffy, just like I like it. There is a tough Italian guy that was pretty boneheaded that I couldn't really stand, and then there is a super cute American guy who is basically all you've ever wanted in a guy. I didn't like that Pippa spends her summer trying to figure out which one is will be her true love because she seemed so strong. She went to an entire country on her own when I hate even going to Wal-Mart alone smh I mean let's be honest, she wanted to make all the decisions on her own, but one of the most important ones in the book was about which oy she really liked.
"'Run from the truth all you want. It always has a way of finding you you.."
pg. 217 (ARC)
     The only things I didn't like was the fact that there was a love triangle. I get it.. She's supposed to have some interaction with a foreign guy, but I just didn't like it. I'm already not a huge fan of triangles because they've been done so much, and this one was just cliche. And then there was the ending. I didn't really like the reason she had to come back to the US. It just felt rushed, like she was looking for a reason to end the story quickly. It just didn't flow very well.
"'Figure out what you love doing, then figure out how to make money doing it."
pg. 232 (ARC)
     Basically, if you're looking for a quick read that has a cute love interest, a fluffy romance, and some interesting Italian foods and places to visit, then you're in luck. This is definitely a read for you!
Overall, I give this

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