Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The 2014 YA Prom!

YA Prom is a chance for you to pick your favorite YA boy/girl, find a dress, and attend prom in the YA world! Oh, and there's going to be a Twitter chat later tonight at8:30PM EST where you can come and talk about who you picked to be your date, what you think YA Prom would be like if we were all together in one room, and answer a bunch of questionsx Alexa Loves Book and Queen Ella Bee Reads have come up with for the occasion! 

Who I'm With!:
Prince Maxon Schreave
Prince Maxon Schreave
Pic taken from RIley on Pintrest

     Why? He's royalty! And I know we would be the talk of the town! Equivalent to having a celebrity go with me! Everyone would be trying to get out autographs!

What I'm Wearing:
A turquoise dress fit for a princess! 
Pic taken from Google Images

     Why? I can only imagine all the eyes on us and the amount of cameras that would be following. I would HAVE to dress like a princess!

My Shoes:
Pic taken from Google Images

     Maybe I did just see this pic and thought these shoes were amazing. But so what. I would love to get these a little lighter to go perfectly with my dress!


Pic taken from Google Images

     Maybe not exactly these, but I still would like bracelets and a necklace and  earrings that dangle! 


Pic taken from Google Images

     I love the way her hair looks! The curls to the side is fun and flirty! 

What we arrive in: 
Pic taken from Google Images

     We will arrive in a classic Chrysler 300 limo to get there in style. We will also have Aspen and the other guards follow us to the prom to make sure we stay out of trouble. 


I would get to hear things like this all night! Yes America would be a little upset, but I could live with that lol

      If you're not familiar with Prince Maxon, he is from the Selection series! He is the ruler of Ilea and he is amazing! I would certainly use him for his popularity at prom because I'm pretty sure unless it was with him I wouldn't go. I don't really like large parties unless I have someone that is willing to have fun and actually dance. I'm sure than Maxon would be goofy and want to do it all! 

The Selection (The Selection, #1)The Elite (The Selection, #2)The One (The Selection, #3)

Who did you go to prom with?!


  1. I am LOVING the colors of your dress and accessories and even though I STILL haven't read the Selection Series I can totally see why Maxon would be your date! Swoon!!

  2. Love your dress! Such pretty colors!

  3. Gosh, I didn't even think about my hair or accessories. Uh, I'm out of practice! (but I did include a prom car!) That hair is amazing, though.

  4. That outfit is all kinds of awesome.
    I actually almost picked Maxon too, but ended up with Gabriel from Escape from Eden.

  5. Oh my gosh yes! Maxon was someone else on my list too:) Also your outfit, hairstyle, accessories, etc are gorgeous!

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog:)

  6. Oh I love this! That dress is gorgeous! And I love Maxon! This was such a cute idea!