Friday, August 1, 2014

Follow Friday: Rep your City!

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what is the biggest city you live near? (Or interesting landmark!) Show us a picture!

Well, now that I've moved, the closest big city to me IS the biggest city around lol I now live in Houston, Tx, one of the biggest cities in the country! 

     One of my favorite things about staying here is the fact that I have a downtown now! It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen at night when it's lit up! It's my favorite part about the city!

     And here's something to spark y'alls interest! I LOVE the fact that the Houston Public Library is SO HUGE. They have a central location in the downtown area and  the Central Library, 3 Special Collection libraries including the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, the Clayton Center for Genealogical Research and the African-American Library at the Gregory School, 4 Regional Libraries, 31 Neighborhood Libraries, 4 Express libraries, 1 Mobile Express Library, and 1 Satellite Library (located at the Children’s Museum). Y'all have to admit, the Mobile one is VERY cute!

     It's also an amazing place that gets amazing authors in for signings! This one above is for Blue Willow Book Shop that is more than just your average indie. It has great prices and amazing promotions all the time! I was able to snag an "Anna, Lola, & Isla" bag and SWAG because I pre-ordered my copy of Isla & the Happily Ever After.

If you live here (or close for that matter!) visit these places! I promise you won't be upset!!!!

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