Friday, September 5, 2014

Follow Friday: Are you a writer?

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are you also a writer? What genre did you ever consider writing?
I wrote a little when I was a little girl, and I wrote some really embarrassing Wonder Woman fan fiction in college, but that's about it. (When I was a little girl I wrote "The New Baby" when I was seven and found out my mom was having my sister. She still has it to this day and bring it out when my sister and I argue lol) I consider myself to have really good ideas, but executing them just never works out for me. I just can't imagine someone fan-girling off my work as I do say Jennifer Armentrout. My favorite authors intimidate me I guess. I just feel like if it's not as good, it's not good at all. Seeing as Armentrout is super duper amazing, I KNOW I won't be as great as her right away, but still. 
Do you write at all? What genres are you interested in?

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  1. That's still good though! Yeah, Jennifer intimidates me with all she's written and still writes each year. I'm just like wow...

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