Friday, March 20, 2015

Follow Friday: Inspiring Book Characters

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 have you ever been inspired by a book character? who was the character and what was it?
        Suggested by Eternity Through Pages

     It was Madelyne from The Summer I Became a Nerd. In the book she went from being so quiet about her nerdom and I hated it. Finally she came out and was able to be herself and just let the world know she was in love with a comic. I cheered her on at the end of the book and thought that it was over. But then I began to realize why I loved this book so much. Because she was me. Granted some of the things we went through were a little different, but the outcome was still the same. See for the longest time before I read this I hated telling people I was going to school for a Master's in Library Science. It wasn't the fact that I was embarrassed to say I loved YA, because I could care less what people say about that. Some people don't know the last time they even picked up a book. But anyways, the reason I didn't like telling people that is because of what they always say. I hate that there is always some judgey comment like "But aren't they being replaced by technology?" , "You don't look like a librarian.", or my favorite one, "What you want to just read all day?"  (Just in case you didn't know, as a head librarian, you do wayyyyy more than just read all day. If that was all you did, I would've graduated a long time ago.) Granted you may do that in your free time, but at work you actually WORK. Mind blowing right? -__- But anyways, after reading this, I stopped caring about people were saying after I told them what I wanted to do with my life. I learned to hold my head up and be myself on the inside and the outside. And only the people who would be judgey were the people who didn't really matter. 
     And now that I can be myself, I can't thank Leah Rae Miller enough. I read her book years ago, but I still find myself going back to think about how this 16 year old girl did what I couldn't do. I can't thank Miller enough for giving me that pep talk she didn't even know I needed. 

 So, what character inspired you to do something? 
Anyone else get really personal like I did? 

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  1. That's incredible Nikki! I would love to work in the library somehow myself. I don't have the proper degrees for it, just my BA in English. But I can't even get my foot in the door when applying for library positions in my county! Wish the best of luck to you!

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