Friday, May 29, 2015

Armchair BEA: Character Chatter and Blogging Q&A

Character Chatter

It's time to give your favorite characters some love! Characters are essential to a story, and they can make or break a book for some readers. Now's your chance to shine the spotlight on your favorite characters, or maybe your least favorite. Who's your favorite couple? What are the components of a well written character? What are you favorite or least favorite cliches associated with characters?

As a reader, I always put myself into the life of the main character. The worst things always happen to them, such as the villain always coming after them, to the most embarrassing things happening to them. Over the years I found that I also love a good supporting character.
Supporting characters are the ones that go right along with the main characters and get in almost as much trouble, but are still not the main focus. To me, the supporting characters hold a lot of weight, because in a novel having too many main characters (different POV's) is sometimes confusing. But if there is a great best friend or another person in the story that the MC counts on, it can take a little attention off the MC. Just ensure that they are well developed, and essential to the story.
Some of my favorite supporting characters from YA are:
Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)
1. Iko from Cinder by Marissa Meyer: First of all, she's hilarious. She knows everything about Cinder and is not afraid to tell Cinder what she thinks. Secondly, she's a robot. I love that about her. She's different but she doesn't mind it.

2. Neville Longbottom: Through out the series we thought he was just around and funny when he was around. He ended up being essential to the story. I didn't even realize the connection between the two until they mentioned it in the book. 

     I love supporting characters just as much as the main characters, so keep them coming!

Who are some of your favorite supporting characters? 

Blogging Q&A

Blogging 101. All kinds of tips and tricks to get you started or keep you going. Talk about ARCs, reviewing in general, web design, etc.  What blogging platform do you use? How do you network? What are some of your favorite web designs?  Or maybe you want to talk about your own blogging journey, and how you got to where you are now. Either way, we want you to share your knowledge with the rest of the community!

As a blogger, the thing that pushes my buttons the most is when people tell otehr people how to run their blog. I run my blog for ME. I like to read, I like to blog, and so I put the two together so I can like what they make too. If I were to start running my blog the way some people think I should, I probably wouln't blog anymore.
The best blogging advice I can give you is to just HAVE FUN. Whether it's blogging about books you like, books you don't like, book covers, whatever the case may be. For instance, I just started reading fantasy, so in the past I didn't review too many of the most popular fantasy books. The ones that were popping up on everyone's blog. I didn't review it, even after everyone was talking about it and even told me I should review itt just to "keep up." That's not my genre and I don't want to say I don't like it jst because it's not what I usually like. I will maybe try a differfent fantasy book later, but I'll do it when I'm ready.
YOUR BLOG IS YOUR BLOG. Unless you decide that you are doing this for a class or professionally, it shouldn't feel like work. Make your blog a reflection of you. Don't let it become like work, because it will then not be fun anymore. There is no way to do blogging "right."

Do you have fun when writing your blog's content?


  1. I agree...your blog should be whatever you want it to be and not just following what everyone else is doing. Great post! :)

    Cierra @ Books Ahoy