Friday, May 22, 2015

Follow Friday: How do YOU Write your Reviews?

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 HOW DO YOU write your reviews?  
        My reviews are fairly easy to write. On a GOOD day I'l start writing it as soon as I finish the book. I'm only able to do that because I write notes on the book, like how I'm feeling at a certain part, a part I really enjoyed, or something I wasn't too fond of. In that same notebook I add the quotes I loved so I can add it to my review later on.  I also found that I will stay away from other people's reviews until I've written my own. Only because there's so many people going around and saying that people's reviews are plagiarized, and I don't want that thought to even cross anyone's mind about me. All reviews on this blog are my own.

How do you write your reviews? 

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  1. I never thought to not read a person's review for the same book. Guess because I likely won't remember specific lines from their review and have no fear of unintentional plagiarizing. But that does bring up a good point!

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