Friday, May 15, 2015

Follow Friday: Organizing your books!

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 HOW DO YOU organize your books? either at home on your bookshelves or on your reading device, or on your bookish platform like goodreads, leafmarks, or booklikes.  
        This one's fairly easy! As someone that is studying Library Science, I of course shelve my books by last name on my physical shelves. It really only comes to irritate me when I have books by the same author just under a different name. It really drives me nuts knowing they're not in the same place. As far as my electronic shelves.... Yeah that's non-existent. I really don't shelve them until I've read them so they mostly just hag out on my TBR shelf. That is unless I've been wanting to read it for FOREVER. Then I place it on my Most Anticipated/ Wishlist. And if it's a super cool concept I might put it on my "DEAR" (Drop Everything And Read) shelf. That's actually my favorite shelf because I have so many books I want to add to it and I always do try and drop whatever I'm currently reading and read it straight through. One of my favorite shelves to add a book to after I've read it is the "Diversity FTW" shelf. As a member of the minority myself, I LOVE seeing diverse characters and I want to make it easy on anyone else that wants to find books that feature characters that aren't like in every other book, no matter what the source of diversity is!  

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  1. Niiiice! Glad I am not the only one who is driven crazy by separating the same author's books when she or he writes under two names! Drives me batty!!

    And it's funny, I am totally OCD with my bookshelves and wanting to keep them alphabetical--having to move some books to the basement shelves killed me, and yet, I still don't have room. But despite all that organization skills, my kindle has no organization at all! Just whatever order the books get downloaded in! LOL!

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