Friday, July 17, 2015

Follow Friday: Future Personal Library!

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if you had the money what would your own personal library look like? what  would be in it? WHAT COLORS, DECORATIons, etc. would you put in it?  
      This one's easy. I've always wanted the floor to ceiling bookshelves on every inch of the walls. (Along with the library ladder... I may not need it, but I'm short. I'm sure I could still USE it.)  And near the window, I'd put my desk. In the middle of the room I'd have an arm chair, a tv, and a couple bean bag chairs for the future kiddos. As for the decorations, I'm actually working on those right now. I want to put some swag from my favorite book's swag in shadow boxes or frame them and hang them around the room. As a library science student, I also want to collect anything and everything that has to do with libraries and keep it on a huge cork-board. As for the closet, (because let's be honest, this is eventually going to be so big it has to be an extra bedroom) I'm going to gut it and take the door off and build a little reading nook there. In the back hidden I'll add a mini fridge that's stocked with a couple beers, some wine, and water. On top I''ll store my reading snacks (my Sour Patch of course lol). Maybe some soda for the kiddos.
     If you can't tell, I've thought about this A LOT. The boyfriend says it's never gonna happen, but IT WILL. Maybe not all at once, but it will one day. Everything will be there eventually and it will be LOVELY. 


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