Friday, October 30, 2015

Follow Friday: Best Book to Screen Adaptation!

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what are your favorite books that have been made into a movie? BY girl of 1000 wonders

     This will always be my favorite book to screen adaptation. Maybe because I loved the book so much and the movie is about 100% perfect too. In this rare occasion, the movie made me find the book, but since then I read it about 9515201882036306985 times. Both of them are amazing and I recommend it to everyone! 

What is your favorite book to screen adaptation? 
Do you remember reading/watching Matilda? 

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  1. Yeah I think I saw the movie first too! Read the book a few times as well, not nearly as many times as you though! ;)

    Though I find I liked the movie's ending better, how the Wormwoods actually took the time to sign the adoption papers instead of just saying "fine, whatever" and bailing. It seemed more caring, as Danny's narrating voice said!
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    Have a GREAT day!

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