Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Literary Fun on the Carnival Triumph!

 This past week I went on a cruise with my mom, dad, little sister, and the boyfriend (whoops he's the FIANCE now lol  But more about that later) and it was the most fun I've had in a longggggg time. We traveled from Galveston, Tx to Cozumel and Progresso. During this time you would think I wouldn't have time for anything literary, but hey, we are talking about ME here lol Anything dealing with books that I saw I HAD to do. It all started with the Harry Potter trivia. 
     I saw that there was an HP trivia part and I just knew I had to do it. I thought "I think I can win that. I mean I read all the books more than 3 times each...." So, my mom convinced me to go there with her. The questions ranged from easy to hard and were all completely random. It also reminded me that I needed to read them all again lol But anyways, there were about 25 answers you could get right, and me and one other chick got a 19. So the lady picked a super hard question for a tiebreaker "How many staircases are in Hogwarts?" Something I never thought to remember lol But I actually got the closer guess (which only ended up only being 4 off!) so I won! The prize was only a "stupid ship on a stick," but it's mine and I love it lol 
     Then a couple days later I walked up on a sign that said there was a Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast on the ship and many other Dr. Seuss activities while we were there. 

     I My sister wanted to go to all the Dr. Seuss events so we ended up at most of them. They were all so cute! There was also a special guest who was there and popping up at different events and stealing things from us! He was green and his heart was originally said to be "three sizes too small." I intermediately signed up for the breakfast, mainly because it gave me an idea for a library program! 
     The breakfast ended up being so much fun!


     This ended up being so much fun too and gave me more ideas for other library programs! I know I looked weird being in there by myself with no kids, but I wore my UNT Library Science LISSA program shirt and people weren't openly staring as bad as they were at the other events lmao 
     As you can see I had a great time! so good in fact I'm already planning the next one! Hopefully there will be more literary fun!

Do you go on vacay and look for literary fun?!
What sort of fun finds have you had? 


  1. Sounds so much fun! Congrats on the engagement! How exciting! And congrats on winning the Harry Potter trivia. I would've been ecstatic!

    1. lol Thank you so much! & I thought I could win, but that other chick was really good! I was so surprised I actually pulled it off!