Friday, February 5, 2016

Boats, Planes, and Trains #3: The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin

So one of my biggest reasons to name my blog Take Me Away was because I have never been many places other than where I've physically lived. To compensate I read many different books so I could visit them in the "literary sense." And now that I've read so many of them, I'm here to talk about my favorite ones. The best part about this... It can range from any genre! As long as I can envision it (or look it up on Google lol) I can see myself "visiting" there! 

     I loved the setting in this one because it was so vibrant and Martin put so many details in her writing that I could swear I was there too. Also I think I mostly fell for this one because it's set in the summer time whereas where I'm from I'm still battling winter. But anyways, since this is the first setting I had that was in an actual REAL state (although the place wasn't real it just had a different name) I added all the states so I can keep a link to all the real states I visit!

Here's what I envisioned:

     There's so many things that happen here. From confessions to finding out about their self and others. In the picture there's grass around it, but in my head I had pictured no grass or having the grass be yellow because it was summer and so hot. But as far as everything else like the water and everything, it was just like in my head. 

     Harper spends a bunch of her time sitting on her rooftop in the shade. She used her time out there to think about things, much like I would do. Well I do my thinking on my porch lol But kinda like the same concept. I added this one because I could relate to it. It's a lot bigger than what I had in my head and its not white like I thought, but it still works! 

Image result for lots of ice cream flavorsImage result for coffee in diners

     Really I was just going to go with Frank's Diner, but there was a pretty big event that happened at Ray's. It dealt with Harper and it was so unfortunate. I wanted to scream for her. And being honest, I also added it because I mean it was described as having a line that went all the way outside because people in Carson loved it so much. In my head I saw a long line of people and then when they got inside I saw wall to wall ice cream bins.  As for Frank's diner, there was so much growth that happened here that I had to include it. Some of the character's biggest fights and biggest decisions were here over coffee. I loved this because it seemed like something I would do. I make life changing decisions in the morning when I have my cup of coffee too lol In my head I saw Frank's to be kind of old school since Martin kinda describes as run down. 

So there you have it! A few pieces of my favorite parts of the setting! 
What were your favorite parts of the setting in The Year We Fell Apart?
Any of the things I mentioned here?

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