Sunday, February 14, 2016

Boats, Planes, and Trains #4: Special Valentine's Day edition!

So one of my biggest reasons to name my blog Take Me Away was because I have never been many places other than where I've physically lived. To compensate I read many different books so I could visit them in the "literary sense." And now that I've read so many of them, I'm here to talk about my favorite ones. The best part about this... It can range from any genre! As long as I can envision it (or look it up on Google lol) I can see myself "visiting" there whether I need to take a boat, plane, or train! 

I waited to do this edition today since it's a special one! Today I'm going to talk about the most romantic setting I've been to while reading in the hopes that I can go there one day for real!

Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)

     That's right youu guessed it, the most romantic place I've "visited" was the City of Light, Paris! 

     These two both start at SOAP (School of America in Paris). I know it's a school and doesn't seem that romantic, but anywhere that someone meets is automatically romantic in my book lol 
Image result for school of america in paris

     It's not the actual school, but it looks alot like I thought it would have in the book. Huge and looks like a university versus a high school. I would've been completely lonely here just like Anna when her parents "left" her in Paris. 

Image result for point zero paris
     This is Point Zero where most of the magic happens in Anna. I won't go into specifics as someone might not have read it, but this was the most important setting in this book in my opinion. If you're not familiar with the tradition, that's because there's really not one, but here's what people say about it:
"Parisian tourists have invented their own traditions for good luck to do with the point zero plate.  Some spin on it on one foot while making a wish, others kiss while standing on it together, third touch it to celebrate their joy of conquering Paris and so on…"
     This is the place in Isla that I loved most. It has the cutest cafe and there is also a very cute and funny thing that happens just at the beginning!

Image result for cafes in paris france in the rain
     If you've read even the first two chapters of Isla you know about Kismet and the doomed funnel of water. 

Well! These are my favorite places in Anna and Isla! 
Any one I didn't add that you would love to visit?!


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