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Disney Princess Book Tag!

     Ok so one of the books I'm reading features a chick that's been compared to Merida from Brave. So, of course I Googled it. And when I did, this Book Tag came up! I thought it was cool and seemed interesting to do. I got this from a Book Tuber named Turtle Sympathy, I'm not sure if he's the original tag or not, but it seems fun! So, here goes! 

1. Anna and Elsa—A book involving siblings.
Image result for anna and elsaTruthwitch (The Witchlands, #1)

     Even though they aren't really sisters, Safiya and Iseult are closer than any sisters I know. This was the first two people I've thought of when I saw their names. I'm not sure this counts, but I don't care, Truthwitch deserves this spot. 

2. Rapunzel—A book that made you emotional.
Image result for rapunzelThis Is Where It Ends

     I cried buckets with This is Where It Ends. I don't know anyone that didn't. I think I was in a moody mood for a long while after I finished this book. 

3. Merida—A book featuring a female warrior.
Image result for meridaQueen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)

     Anyone that doesn't put Aelin as their Merida, what are you even doing with your life? She overcame so many things in Queen of Shadows and she is more than just brave. 

4. Tiana—A book that features realistic struggles.
Image result for tianaI'll Meet You There

     I'll Meet You There had a chick with money problems, a wounded vet boyfriend, and was had a friend who had a small child already. This was the most real realistic fiction book I've read in a long time. 

5. Belle—A literary book or classic.
Image result for belleFirst & Then

     I'm not a huge classics fan, so this one was kind of hard. Then I had the bright idea to do mine with a book based on a classic. First & Then is based on Pride & Prejudice! 

6. Pocahontas—A nature-themed book or book by a naturalist.
Image result for pocahontasWild

     I have really only read one book that was really into nature and it was a while ago. Wild is a retelling of Tarzan so I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but I say it is so there lol 

7. Jasmine—A book about the desire to be free.
Image result for jasmineBlackhearts

     Both Anne and Teach have something they want to be free from in Black Hearts. I don't want to go too much into detail if you haven't read it, but believe me when I say you need to read it. 

8. Mulan—A book featuring war or battles.
Image result for mulanWinter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)

   It's funny because Winter is actually a retelling of another fairy tale. There's a princess in this one as well as a war and I loved all aspects of both the book and Mulan! 

9. Ariel—A book featuring curiosity or learning.
Image result for princess arielThe Devil You Know

     The Devil You Know featured Arcadia who wanted adventure and to see what more of the world was about. It makes so much sense to put these two together. 

10. Cinderella—A book featuring manual labor.
Image result for cinderellaStars Above

     I told myself I would not use the same book twice, but this one was a little hard. I went with Stars Above because it features working on a farm. And that's all I'm going to say about it. 

11. Sleeping Beauty—A book featuring sleep.
Image result for sleeping beautyThe Season of You & Me

     I really thought this question was stupid lol I think I remember a sleep scene from almost every book I've ever read. But even though The Season of You and Me isn't out yet, there was a really cute sleep scene in this one including a phone.... 

12. Snow White—A book featuring one of the seven deadly sins.
Image result for snow whiteSix of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)

     I was a little upset with this question too because how can you make the dwarves like that? But still, I can see why it was picked. Of course I chose Six of Crows because almost everyone in there had some type of revenge which I applied to wrath.  

Bonus Princesses

13. —A book featuring Greek mythology.
Image result for MegaraThe Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)

     I just realized I haven't read another book about Greek mythology since the Percy Jackson series and its spinoff. One day I will get it together and read something else featuring mythology. 

14. Alice—A book featuring nonsense or a book featuring unusual other worlds.
Image result for alice in wonderland disneyIlluminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)
     I count this one as an unusual world but only because its set in the year 2575. That's clearly unusual to me because I (or anyone else for that matter) have not been there yet. I can only imagine what the world will look like in 2575, but I think Illuminae has gotten it right!

Animal Princesses

15. Maid Marian—A book with a canine.
Image result for maid marian robin hoodThe Love That Split the World

     There was George in The Love That Split the World. He was old and farted in his sleep, but what dog doesn't? lol (Btw, I thought Maid Marian was a fox?)

16. Nala—A book with a feline.
Image result for nalaThe Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1)

     I won't say who the cat is in The Red Pyramid for spoilers, but it's fairly in the beginning so you won't miss anything. If you've read it, you know I used this one because it was cool who it turned out to be! 

So there you have it! 
There's my Disney Princess YA Book Tag! 
Do you agree with any of these? 
What would you pick instead? 

Now, since I did this just because I found it, I tag anyone else who wants to do it! It should be fun so give it a shot! 

*EDIT* I just got word that there is now a Disney villain book tag on Youtube too! Once I find it, I will be doing that one too! 

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  1. I have been planning to do this tag for aaaaaaages (the disney villain one as well) so you've given me a great reason to do it sooner :D thank you! My answer for Merida also would have been Aelin - she's brave and strong and badass among so many other things.
    I can't wait to read Stars Above and Illuminae. By that I mean I WANT THEM IN MY HANDS NOW! I'm sure they'll be amazing reads <3 <3
    Enchanted by YA