Friday, June 3, 2016

Follow Friday: Bookish Memories!!!

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what is your most interesting bookish memory or experience? 
        Both of mine have to go with Harry Potter. When the 4th book came out I remember being at home and watching the news and how everyone around the world was staying up until midnight to go to their nearest bookstore and grab their copy. In all the places they showed that were doing that were all in London. My mom decided to go out on a limb when we saw one small place in Texas called a Hastings. She called the only Hastings in Galveston and imagine our surprise when they said yes they'd be open, but they wouldn't have a party or anything. My mom bareley let him answer before we packed up our stuff and went to Hasting's to sit in the parking lot and read until it was time. No one else knew they stayed open that late, so I ended up being thee first person in Galveston, Texas to grab my copy of Harry Potter 4. My picture was in the paper and my mom has called me a super nerd ever since lolol 

     My second is dealing with HP again. It's from the release of the last and final book. By this time all the main stream stores (like Wal-Mart and Target) were doing the midnight release of HP as well and EVERYONE knew about them. I remember going to Wal-Mart because Hasting's was way too crowded and to be honest I was a senior in high school by then, so I was trying to be "cool." (Never realizing if they saw me there, they were there for the same reason as well.... lol) But finally I went to get in line (at about 10:30), I was like second, and then when they started bringing out the books at like 11:55pm, some lady just came and got in front of the line with a man. I normally wouldn't care, but she brought like 8 children with her! (and for the first 20 people in line they were giving away these little Harry Potter booklets they made with small line waiting activities like word searches and crossword puzzles and I wanted one) And you could tell they all those kids weren't hers because she kept saying "Make sure you keep your receipts and money together! Your mom's will want their change!" Mind you this time I'm a teen and this chick is clearly a woman. She didn't even try to explain herself. I guess she didn't realize my mom was right there. My mom politely tapped her on the shoulder and said "Ma'am, the end of the line is on the other side. " The other lady got all defensive "So you're about to make a scene over a kid's book? Calm down this is my husband. The lady behind me didn't even say anything." I began to speak up again, "that's because I'm a kid and I was trying to be respectful. I don't mind because they have plenty of books, but at the same time, you should remember to be respectful too next time and give an explanation or even apologize. Because at the end of the day you just cut another kid off from getting a book. What if I decided to go home after that?" She must've realized she was in the wrong and  I was a teen and how crazy she was being when the rest of the line started chiming in too about how it would've been fine for one or even two kids, or even for her to ask for multiples, but you can't just bring the entire world to cut us. So then she let me and my mom go first. And that's the story of how I got the 7th book first from Wal-mart as well. TO this day I remember how rude she was and I never save more than one person a spot in any line and I don't save spots in line until I'm in line and have made friends in the line where we can save spots for each other. 

     So there you have it! I almost went with BEA, but I just gave a recap of that, so I went with something else! 

What bookish memories do you have that stand out?
Any Harry Potter memories? 


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