Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts

Nook e-Book,  300 pages
Release Date: September 6, 2016
Published by: Entangled Teen
Read from: September 20-September 27, 2016
Source: Bought
For fans of: Contemporary, Romance, Chick-lit, Realistic Fiction, Stand-alones,  YA

     True love can't be strategized.
     After book blogger Vivian Galdi’s longtime crush pretends their secret summer kissing sessions never happened, Vivian creates a list of safe crushes, determined to protect her heart.
     But nerd-hot Dallas, the sweet new guy in town, sends the mission and Vivian’s zing meter into chaos. While designing software for the bookstore where Vivian works, Dallas wages a counter-mission.
     Operation Replacement Crush is in full effect. And Dallas is determined to take her heart off the shelf.


     Based on the synopsis alone I should've given this five stars. But unfortunately, the parts from the synopsis were the only things that really drew me in. It was still a good read, but could have been much more had it made sense. 
"Guys shouldn't become an obsession. [,,,] Think of them as sprinkles on the donuts of life. Fun, but not necessary.'"
     Vivian was hurt pretty bad by her long time crush. As it turns out, she was the only one with feelings. So she gets herself to believe in a way to keep her self and her heart safe. Then someone comes into her life and she can't help but fall for him.... But that doesn't mean she'll admit it......
"The aura of bookishness clung to me like a musty cape...'"
     Ok, so...... After a while I wasn't really into this mission. It turned out to have the dumbest logic I've ever seen. Like for real, for real, it was stupid. Most of the criteria was ok, but there was ONE rule that didn't make any freaking sense to me.... And after that it just went downhill. I had no idea how they could become her crush when she felt like that. Also with that one little bit of criteria it made the MC so selfish. She only thought about herself. But what was funny was she had so many ideas for other people with broken hearts, when she couldn't get over her own. I didn't understand it. 
"I don't think you can control who you fall for....'"
     But, all the other characters I did really like. Her best friends were the perfect balance to her crazy. And Dallas? Oh weeeeee! lol OMG I really loved him. I call first dibs because I mean a hot genius cannot be bad! lol To be honest, I really just finished the book because I wanted to see what was going to happen with Dallas! He is definitely a new book boyfriend of mine and I call dibs!!!!! Side note: Can we please have more hot nerds in YA? I only remember Dallas from this book and Max from The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord. 
"I read all kinds of books. As long as the romance is awesome, I'm happy.'"
     As for the romance, it definitely could've used some more romance. I was upset at the amount of time she actually spent with the love interest. Their build up was so big and so much for them to not even spend some time together. I would've probably bumped it up to 4 stars if they were more in a relationship than all the fighting and stupid that was going on in-between them. 
     It was still a good read, but there were some things that could've been fixed. The plot was all over the place, and the character wasn't the best, but the story still made me happy! (All hail the hot nerds!)
Overall, I give this'


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