Friday, December 23, 2016

Follow Friday: It Feels Good to be Bad!

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best or favprote villains?
          From what I've read in Shadow and Bone, I LOVE the Darkling. So far he doesn't seem like a villain, but he is super smooth lol 

     And then there's Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles series. She is NITS! But she was so good at being bad, I thought she would win a couple times. And that's what I liked most about her. She was unpredictable. 

     And last but not least, there's Queen Irina from the Shadow Queen. She was CRAY and truly evil, but that was the best part of it all!

What about y'all? 

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  1. Levana was definitely that one you almost sympathize for but she was a little too cuckoo! The Darkling is another good one! Tortured villains really are the coolest!

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