Saturday, January 28, 2017

READy to Talk: What's Happened to Me and my Recent Job Change!!!

     Ok, so I have some information that I have been sitting on for a while and it's the reason I'm not really reading OR posting reviews. I got some really great news at work and then something was told to me that I just couldn't be happy about it anymore. And then of course, I got upset because I couldn't even stand to be happy for myself due to other people. 
     So, here's the story. After the ALA award winners were announced, there's a person at my job (who we'll call HER) who stated that with the award winners there were "no white people. Everything feels so forced now." I'm a little annoyed at this because reallly? But now I'm not sure what to do because she didn't tell me these words (because obviously) but she did tell someone else. I'm even more irritated because the person she told that to was a Person of Color as well. And to add on to that, let's just say HER works with kids and is thinking this way. What can I really say if she didn't say it to me and I can't convince the person she did say it to that she hould say something?  
     But anyways, this brings me to why I'm happy. Later that day I got news that I oficially got a position added to my job title. I'm now a Young Adult Youth Services Specialist. Meaning I'm intercting more with the Young Adult Librarian, I get to help her with programs, make up some of my own, and I get to pick a project to do for the teen group at the branch. After what had happened to me earlier that day, this was just what I needed to hear. Our teen librarian is amazing and she's super smart. Learning from her and helping her is going to be so much fun!
     This week has been a roller coaster and I am so glad it's my weekend off. Hopefully soon I can forgive HER for what she said. I won't forget it. But I can forgive HER. And hopefully then, I can finally be happy for myself and get back to reading. 

Until then,
Nikki H. 


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