Monday, March 27, 2017

Power Rangers: Movie Review!

PG-13, 124 minutes
Release Date: March 24, 2017

       A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world. (From IMDb)
     When I saw they were remaking this, I was a bit skeptical. This is from MY era and I wasn't sure they could do it justice. Power Rangers was one of my favorite cartoons for a very long time and I did not want to be disappointed by this.
     For the most part, I thought it was ok. I feel like it wasted a lot of time getting to the point. Like it was a filler to build up to a super bad ass sequel. But it really took entirely too long to finally get there. Once it started getting good, it was over and that was upsetting. Now I have to wait another entire year for the sequel. (If you stayed for the end credits scene, you know EXACTLY what sequel I'm talking about!) AND RITA REPULSA WAS AWESOME! She did an excellent job portraying her and I can't wait to see more Power Rangers villains in the upcoming movies!
     The only other things I had a real problem with was just me nit-picking. Like for whatever reason they decided not to have at least one article of clothing on them their Power Ranger color at all times. That bothered me because I used to love seeing that as a kid. Small detail as it may be, I really wanted to see that. And I hated how weak the "It's Morphin Time!" part was when they FINALLY said it. I know they probably took it out because it's cheesy now, but it wasn't then and I totally wished I could've seen that in the movie. And last but not least, I was not happy with how they finally made the Megazoid. They didn't even say what dinosaurs they were. Again, I know it was outdated, but that was also a part that I looked forward to lol I would ALWAYS wait for Aisha to say "Saber toothed tiger" as the yellow ranger so I could say it with her! (See representation matters because I was of course ALWAYS the yellow one once I saw Aisha as her!) And lastly, that CGI was terrible. But with all those, I had to remember that this was made for the children NOW and even though my little heart as super nostalgic, I knew I was only nit-picking things that would've made me happy and the kids from now would have no idea what was going on.
     But overall it was a good movie. I liked the diverseness of the cast and I loved that they made it even more so by mentioning some things spectators may not have known. I really liked it and now I can't wait to see the sequel and how they can make that one better.
Overall, I give this


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