Thursday, April 20, 2017

TxLA 2017: Own Your Profession!

     That awkward moment when you FINALLY finish a book, but you don't have time to write the review smhh At least it''s for a good cause. Right now I'm finishing up finals and yesterday I traveled about 3 hours from home to come to San Antonio, Texas for with my mom for the Texas Library Association Conference. This is the first time I get to go to some of the actual sessions since I'm actually here for work. Today will be my first time and it's pretty awesome that they chose me to come and I just started there in November. 

     But enough with the mushy. I had a really amazing Day 1 yesterday and got one of the most anticipated reads of my entire life. I'll let you guess what it was until Sunday with my Stacking the Shelves lmao Until then, I will put up some posts as soon as I have time! 

Hoping to have an awesome time, 


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