Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Unlikelies by Carrie Firestone

ARC, 318 pages
Release Date: June 6, 2017
Published by: Henry Holt & Co.
Read from: June 17-20, 2017
Source: TxLA 2017
For fans of:  Action, Contemporary, Romance, Stand-alones, YA

     One good deed will change everything.
     Sadie is not excited for the summer before her senior year. It will be her first without her college-bound best friend and (now ex-)boyfriend by her side, so Sadie braces herself for a long, lonely, and boring season working at a farm stand in the Hamptons. But things take an unexpected turn when Sadie steps in to help rescue a baby in peril and footage of her impromptu good deed goes viral.
     As she’s recovering from “the incident” and adjusting to her Internet fame, Sadie receives an invitation to a lunch honoring teem homegrown heroes. The five honorees instantly connect and soon decide to spend their time together righting local wrongs. Sadie and her new friends embark on escalating acts of vigilante Good Samaritanism, but might be in over her heads when they try to help a heroin-addicted friend. Are good intentions enough to hold unlikely friendships—and an even unlikelier new romance—together?


     I loved Carrie Firestone's debut book, so when I saw she had another coming out, I had to have it. I couldn't wait to see what other bizarre subject she could come up with in this one. And I was not disappointed.
"[...] if you see something, say something."
pg. 41
     Sadie is in for a summer of reading on her front porch, when things drastically change for her. She ends up rescuing a baby and the news of her goes viral quickly. Soon she's invited to a luncheon that honors people that have helped others. It's there that she meets a new group of friends. Soon they start in a friendship unlike any they've ever been in before.
"We can't help where our feelings take us."
pg. 77
     Just like her other book, although it was listed as realistic fiction, it didn’t really seem to be that way. The events that happened were a bit outlandish. I could see some of the things, but most things that happened were too much for me. And yet, that’s what made the story exciting for me. I can’t see myself being as hooked to it as I would have been without those “extra” parts.
"Do you guys ever feel like the assholes are taking over the earth?"
pg. 86
     Also,  just like last time, I loved Firestone’s writing style. She’s an awesome storyteller. I’m not a huge fan of books that feature teens and drugs (personal family member reasons) but at the same time, the way she tells the story made me care more about the overall story, than just that one plot line. I could just enjoy the story versus worry about one part in it.
"As many lizards as there were in the world, there were even more people, animals, communities in need."
pg. 178
     By the cover I was expecting this book to be fluffy and summery, and to an extent it was. But there were some instances that really threw me for a loop. Firestone is great at telling stories and writing words and I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!
Overall, I give this

Have you read this?
Did you think the events that unfolded were unrealistic too? 


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