Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Top Ten Things I've Learned from Working in a Library!

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Top Ten Things I've Learned from Working in a Library!

1. There's a holiday/ day of recognition for EVERYTHING.: For example, Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up in September and I'm already planning the storytime and program I'm going to do because of this lol 

2 People think that all librarians do is sit down and read all day: Everyone is so SHOCKED when I tell them I'm getting my Master's in Library Science. People have no idea that Library Science requires a Masters and that we do WAY MORE than just sit down and read all day. 

3. The most satisfying part of my job: So far I've learned that the most satisfying part of my job is that "YES!" or "YAY!" or even just the wide-eye smile I geet from handing a child a book that they were really looking for. It's what gives my job meaning. 

4. When you say you work at a library, people automatically think you work in a school library: I'm not sure if this is EVERYWHERE, but where I come from, people ALWAYS assume I work in a school library and always ask me why didn't I just want to be a teacher? I remind them of public libraries and they look at me like "Ohhhh." 

5. The library is much more than just a library to most people: There are some that have no idea about the library and others that use it for so much more than just the library. From free literacy tutors, to free technology and technology classes, most people use these resources on a weekly basis. 

6. It's ok to nerd-out with your co-workers, because they are more than likely nerds too lol: This is always funny to me because we're all nerds about different things, but it's always so cute to see

7. You'll get the same amount of technology questions as you will reader's advisory questions, if not more.: Although I was expecting to help kids find books they're looking for, for the most part I'm normally answering questions like "Why don't my headphones work?" 

8. People don't really know what all the library has: I don't know how many times people have asked me why I wasted my money on a Master's Degree in a pisition that won't be around long because books won't be around long. They always seem confused when I tell themwe check out lap-tops, we have desktops, we check-out iPads, and we check out Kindles and more. 

9. People think audiobooks are cheating: I'm not sure why this is a thing, but I've had a bunch of teens tell me they need the real book beause they were told that audiobooks means they're not really reading? Maybe their teacher said that so they could see the passages and write some down or have them for reference? But really, you get the same story, so why shouldn't that count as reading? 

10. My favorites from my childhood are still being checked out: Yes I love when kids check out the cool new Barbie books, or the Paw Patrol ones, but I also like to see when parents snag books like Goodnight Moon or any of The Bearenstein Bears. And even now 20 years later, Harry Potter because EVERY PERSON EVER NEEDS TO READ IT. 

What do you see happening at your library? 

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  1. OOh nice! It's weird, if someone told me they work at a library I would automatically assume it's a non-school one! Lol! I think it would be fun to work with other booklovers everyday! That would be a dream!

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