Monday, December 18, 2017

Top Elf by Caleb Zane Huett

Hardcover, 279 pages
Release Date: September 26, 2017
Published by: Scholastic Press 
Read from: December 13-16, 2017
Source: Bought/ Suggested for Purchase by my Library System!
For fans of: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Holidaze, LOL, Elves, Magic, MG 

     The elves can't be kept on shelves in this hilarious middle-grade debut about what happens when Santa opens a contest to find his successor.
     Ollie is a very happy elf -- happy to work in Santa's workshop, happy to invent new games with his best friend Celia, happy to be a part of Christmas. Never in a million years would it have occurred to him that he'd have a chance to be the next Santa.
    Yes, the competition is on -- and Ollie is far from the only person vying for the Big Red Suit. There are the Claus children (including the unfortunately named oldest, Klaus Claus). There is Buzz, an elf who loves to taunt Ollie. There's Ramp, who insists he's a kid . . . but looks and smells like an adult. Even Celia has thrown her hat into the race.
     Where can a few extra reindeer be found? Who will sweep the chimney-climbing event? Whose ride will sleigh the competition? All these questions (and more) are answered in this hysterically funny, deeply adventurous tale of elves and Clauses vying for Pole position.


                     I added this book because I went to an event called Tweens Read and while there, I noticed that ALL the kids there were reading it in some way. They had either picked it as a prize or purchased it. And of course, working at a library, I decided I needed to check it out too. And cliché as it sounds, I’m so glad I did!
"So this year, we will be having a competition. You are all invited to participate. The winner will be trained personally by me and will inherit the Kringle when I retire."
pg. 10
                Christmas is coming as usual, but a couple days before Santa says he has an announcement. His announcement is: Santa is no longer going to be run by the Klaus family, instead there will be a competition to find the next Santa. To some, this is a great opportunity. To others, not so much. Ollie finds the competition interesting and enters it with a host of others. Can he really win and become the next Santa?
"You must be sixteen years or younger to enter. Terms and conditions may apply. Thank you, and Merry Christmas." Santa turned to walk away , and his suit closed and walked itself inside after him."
pg. 11
                I’ve had this on my shelf for a couple months now, but I wanted to wait until I was more in the Christmas spirit before I read it. And that was the right call. This book is extremely cute and features elves, Santa, Snowmen, Gingerbread Women, and so much more. It was one big Christmas adventure full of Christmas action.
"The front doors opened and a tall broad reindeer sauntered out with a sour expression in his eyes and a tired tilt to his antlers. He wore a military-stylr hat covered in medals that signified his service in many, many Christmases. He also had a red nose."
pg. 29
                However, the best part of this book was the writing style and the humor. I don’t remember going more than 5 pages without laughing. Normally with MG books I find the humor to be not really funny, and it was nice to finally read something that actually made me laugh. (But nothing got me like LDB and “Come through they told me!” I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!) I also loved that Huett’s writing style showed his true love of Christmas. I had the chance to listen to him speak at Tweens Read and his love for Christmas was obvious from even a young age. I’m glad his love for Christmas turned into this book.
"LDB cleared his throat. "Come through, they told me!" The crowd responded, "PA-RUMPA-PUM-PUM!""
                After reading this I was so into the holiday spirit that I binge watched Christmas movies on Netflix. This book will most definitely put you in the mood to surround yourself with more Christmas things. It was absolutely adorable, and I will definitely send this to my little sister to read! 
Overall, I give this


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