Thursday, March 8, 2018

NOW WE RISE: Children of Blood and Bone Blog Tour

     So today I have another post, and this one is kind of special.... I'm sure you've seen this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BOOK called Children of Blood and Bone by this super amazing author, Tomi Adeyemi. If you've been living under a rock haven't, you can find my review of this here!

    And if you can't tell by that review, I LOVED this! So much so I wanted to stay in this magical world for a little longer. So I decided to do a project with my clan as a Tider. (My birthday is November, 11 and my birthdate is the 2nd, or 02. 11+02=13!) As a Tider, I can manipulate water and ice. 

     So this past winter (is it still winter? Texas weather is ALWAYS confused!) I did an experiment with my kids at the library during storytime.We did a theme of Penguins and Polar Bears and they were so interested in finding out how they can survive in such cold temps. So we did a STEM experiment! 
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     First I put some ice water in a bowl and each kid put their bare hand in the water. They all exclaimed that it was cold. And then I gave each of them a surgical glove. I helped them cover it in Crisco and then Saran wrapped it again for them. I instructed them to put their hand back in the water and they could see that this time they couldn't tell that the water was cold. They loved this one and kept telling their parents they were polar bears lmao 

    Another time we used water and food coloring to make paint and the kids loved the idea. We had a circus theme so we made popcorn with cotton, food coloring and water! Here's a picture!

So there's how I manipulate ice and water! I made ice water not so cold with my kiddos and even changed the water color to change the color of cotton! (I can't add pics of the kiddos to my blog so I went with pics of the things we did!)

Which clan do you belong to?




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