Saturday, April 28, 2018

READy to Talk: Quick Catch-up!

   This READy to Talk is just a small catch up on my life and why I've been absent. This week was pretty quiet because I haven't been able to get much work done because of work and the crazy that is at my household right now. About two weeks ago I had a stomach bug. It was not pretty. All I wanted to do was lay down so I got no reading done. And then when it was finally over, I started PMS-ing and it was TERRIBLE. I wanted to give up on everything. And then there was this week. My husband now has the stomach flu that I had but worse. (He hardly gets sick so when he does get sick, HE GETS SICK.) So I found myself having to take care of him. I even had to take the day off on Wednesday to stay and care for him. He's doing better now that he's been to the doctor and all.
    Then there's the other thing that I've been doing. I've been packing up my stuff at my current workroom to take to my job over there. It's super weird to be going back to the branch where I started as something completely different, so this will be interesting. It's also weird to be finally be doing EXACTLY what I want to do. I start at the new branch on Monday so I've been way too anxious to read anything. I've been doing two different jobs and I've been stressing about making sure I do it right when I get there. Hopefully I'll relax alot more once I get back in the swing of things at my old/new branch. (So here's that story if you're new here.... I started out at the front desk at the FB branch. I was there 6 months and then moved up to Children's Specialist at the ALD branch. I was there 8 months and then I graduated from Library School.And then 4 months later I got the job as the YA librarian at the FB branch. Smaller than the ALD branch but it has a raise and I know the people and the patrons still!) 
     But now everything settling back to normal. I'm still anxious about the new job, but no one is sick anymore, so I can breathe a bit.... I'm hoping to be back to review scheduling and back to normal by Monday. 

Thanks for reading, 
 Nikki S


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