Tuesday, April 3, 2018

TxLA 2018: Perfecting Your Game!

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     Today I leave for Texas Library Conference for work in Dallas. I have some posts scheduled for the week, but they're memes. I'm not sure how many reviews I'll be able to put up, if any. So, I'm just letting you know why it might be a little quiet. I'm going to spend a lot of time in the conferences since I'm going for work, but I'm still hoping to grab some books and hand out my business cards and resume! 

Hoping to have an Awesome time, 


  1. It looks like you're having an awesome time! Jelly that you got to touch Holly Black!

    1. The funny thing is, it was totes on accident too lmao I literally stopped in my tracks and said O_O "That's Holly Black" lol one of the reps from Little Brown laughed and said "That happens all the time." smh lolol