Review Policy

I will gladly accept any Middle Grade, Young Adult, or New Adult book for review, whether it's an already released book or an ARC.  I am not accepting e-books at this time. I am also open to accepting swag, host giveaways/contests, interview authors, or join blog tours. Some places I post my review to are Twitter, Goodreads, and blogspot. 

ARC's are respected! As a librarian I read them and pass them on to my teens (if its YA) and other bloggers or readers (when its anything else), and never sell them.

My favorite genres are, but not limited to:
Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary and ANYTHING including romance. 

If I accept a book for review I promise to read in a timely manner, with a review to follow 2-3 weeks after it's been finished, unless otherwise asked by the author or publisher. I will always give an honest and thoughtful review of the book. I do NOT promise to love it.

Along with my review and rating, I will display the cover art, title, author, publisher, length, and format of the book. I will also mention where I received the book from if it was not bought. 
Thank you so much for your interest. I will try and respond to your email in a timely manner!
Please e-mail any questions or requests to pnh002(at)gmail(dot)com (That's pnh0<zero>0<zero>2<two>)

For those interested in blog stats:
I started this blog on January 1, 2011. It has changed many times since then and is updated almost daily. I receive many hits from other book bloggers and other people alike. From my profile overview, you can see that I attended the University of North Texas and I studied to be a Teen Services Librarian. Graduation was December 2017. I am now a Teen Librarian in the Houston area.