Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Boyfriend #3

 Book Boyfriend:

One of my favourite blogs The Unread reader came up with the ADORABLE idea of My book boyfriend. Basically every wednesday i tell you about which fictional boy im crushing on. If your interested in doing this on your blog go to the introduction post on The unread reader.

This week I had a really hard time deciding who I would use because I've been on a "romance overload." But I finally made up my mind to use one of the dudes that has captured my heart as well as a "team" button here on my blog. That man is

Renier LaRoche AKA Ren

He's from Nightshade by Andrea Cremer and he's the perfect all around bad boy. Now I have to admit I had a tough time deciding which "team" I wanted to be on, but when I did, I knew I made the right decision because he's a well... "alpha male." (no pun intended lol) I need someone to take charge. And who else wouldn't want someone who makes your skin tingle everytime he touched you *swoon*

Facts about Ren:
  • He's the alpha wolf of the Bane pack
  • Black hair
  • Black eyes with silver flecks
  • Tall and muscular
  • Smells of leather and sandalwood
  • Gray and black in wolf form
To play MY Ren, I've chosen Craig Horner
 Quotes/Scenes to make you "hold your heart and say awwwwww":

"I don't think so, Lily," he said. "If you want to get rid of me, you'll need to do better than that." I drew a sharp breath and tried to wiggle away, but he held me firmly in place, watching me struggle. He grinned as he lifted me up onto the sink. 
"What are you doing?" I started to panic. "Someone could come in."
"If they see us, theyll just turn around and get out of here," he murmured, lips touching my ear. "No one crosses me."
His hips pressed againsst my knees, opening them, pushing my skirt up my legs. I gripped his shirt, clinging to him so I wouldn't fall into the sink. His hand pushed into my lower back. I gasped as his body fitted against mine.
Heat flooded into my chest, my pelvis. I thought I would drown in it.
"We can't-" His lips stopped my words. The kiss just made me dizzier. I dug my fingers into his shoulders.
"You said you didn't want to be left alone." His tongue flicked over my cheekbone. "This is me pestering you."
Aren't you breaking the rules?" I could barely get the words out. "What about the union?"
I'd rather have you on my own terms." his hand slipped between my thighs.
All strength fled my limbs. I can't breathe."
"That means you like it." He kissed me again"

"Ren stroked my knee, his fingers wandering up my thigh, sliding beneath the hem of my dress.
I grabbed his wrist. "Wait."
He didn't free his arm from my grasp but continued kissing my collarbone.
"Let's skip the waiting part," he murmured into my skin."

"He crooked his finger at me. "Come here."
My heart stuck in my throat.
"I won't bite Lily." He flashed his teeth. No sharp canines in sight."


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