Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Sunday #1

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Lazy Sunday is weekly event to gather everyone together and get to know each other better that I got from a new follower named Franny who said "All the others are about books and since I don't always talk about books I came up with something different." Every week she'll ask a question about a topic of general interest to get to know you better. This week's question is:
Why did you decide to start a blog? And what do you write about?

Well mine was actually part of a school project. I am an English minor at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Tx and last semester I was taking a class named "Major Literary Genres." We were supposed to read something from different genres (sometimes she picked and sometimes she let us pick.) and write a paper about them or just a write up of our thoughts. Sounds lame for a college class, but it was actually really fun and the discussions were somehow always intense. So to serve as a write up for my thoughts, I wanted to do it on the compter... But, my teacher was an old lady and told me "If I wanted to get a grade I'd have to have something I can physically turn in because [she] did not know how to work computers." lol Yeah it was pretty bad. So after the class was over I started thinking up ways to make what I actually turned in look better. And volia! "Take me Away... On the Pages of your Story" my book blog came to me :)

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  1. That's very impressive!!
    Thank you so much for joining, I hope to see you next week!