Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Boyfriend #7

 Book Boyfriend:

One of my favourite blogs The Unread reader came up with the ADORABLE idea of My book boyfriend. Basically every wednesday i tell you about which fictional boy im crushing on. If your interested in doing this on your blog go to the introduction post on The unread reader.

Today's book boyfriend comes from a book I finished reading last week but didn't use because someone else had. Now he's all mine :) This person is Jay Heaton from The Body Finder Series.

Facts about Jay:
  • 16 years old when we first meet him
  • Blonde hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Nice Body
  • Likes hiking
  • Enjoys "doing homework" with Violet
  • Violet was his childhood best friend turned girlfriend
  • The only person outside of Violet's family who knows her secret (from Book one)
MY Jay:


Quotes to make you hold your heart and say "Awwwww"

-"She needed Jay to go with her. Because despite her bold words about doing it by herself, it was all just a bluff. She really wasn’t sure if she could do it on her own. “All right,” he finally agreed, flashing her the same stupid grin that always made her heart stutter, even though he still seemed uncertain. “How about we start by going to the movies tonight? We can make sure the theater is safe."

-"I was just waiting for you to want me as much as I wanted you.” His words were quiet but carried one hell of an impact. “I knew we were going to be together; it was just a matter of time. I kept hoping that you would figure it out. But for a smart girl, you’re a little dense, Vi. I kept bringing up Lissie Adams, and showing you the notes she was leaving me, hoping that you’d get pissed enough to finally admit how you felt about me."
-"He loved her. Jay Heaton, her best friend since childhood was in love with her. He didn't say it but she knew that it was true. And the part that really freaked her out, the part that caught her completely off guard, is that he wasn't alone. Because even though she'd been denying it for a long, long time, it had always been there... waiting beneath the surface of thier friendship. And now that it was out there was no going back.
And it was so wierd to even be thinking it but...... she was in love with him too."
So, what do you think of my boyfriend this week? Who is yours?


  1. Aweeeee, I already LOVE him. lol. Just kiding hes your b.f sorry about that. But boy is he cute!

  2. Jay has been a popular choice in the past, and I can see why. I love Liam. I definitely wouldn't mind picturing him as Jay. Please sign me up to do my homework with him. ;)

  3. Ive been dying to read these! Maybe after Divergent. And I will one day finish A Dance with Dragons. I'll probably have even more gray hair by then though...Oh! and please check out my BBF this week, my Cajun cutie is going mainstream!

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend

  4. Ooo I've heard about Jay a lot from Donna lol. I haven't read the series. But I think I may have to!