Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bookish News

(Ok I did find all this yesterday, but I had already posted three times so I decided to wait till today to do it...)

This was released for Comic Con. I've been watching the internet for any other info they might put out so I'll keep you guys posted. Also, just because this is here, I'll repost the trailer for it so you can get the "whole effect" of just how epic this will be...

*SIGH* I definitely cannot wait for this movie....

For more books to movies news, EW put out some great photos of the Hunger Games men out. For all you extreme fans, have a looksie.

In other news...
The cover for the second book in the Chemical Gardens Series has also finally been released. Take a look and tell me what you think...
 It will be released February 21st, 2012. The first book in the series was Wither. Click it for the GoodReads page :)


  1. I've been ROBBED! i didn't get that edition of EW with the "Men of Hunger Games" and I have a subscription!

    I am a twilight fan but i'm more excited for the Hunger Games.

  2. Jacob still looks hot! Love him! And I'm excitd for The Hunger Games. I might try and be one of those fangirls ho goes to the midnight premeire. I still haven't decided though