Friday, March 23, 2012

Follow Friday, Fan Art Friday, and TGIF...

The question this week is:
What is the longest book you've read? What are your favorite 600+ page reads?

Mine would be any of the Harry Potter books that are over 600 pages (for example #4 and #5) and also Breaking Dawn, the last novel of the Twilight series. 

Now for Fan Art Friday :) I couldn't really find one for Juliet Immortal, so I went ahead and went with the actual play of Romeo and Juliet and found a really good one on a Tumblr page, called "Fuck Yeah Fan Art." It says that it was by  Alicechan.

I like all the details of this. It looks like they really put alot of time into it. I mean look at the floor. You can even see every stone in the floor. I also like the colors. It looks like she used watercolors to do it. One day I'm going to learn to paint/draw like that lol 

And now, here is my TGIF! 
What are some bookish trends you are noticing in the literature world today? Is there a particular trend you'd like to see more of? 

I've seen a lot of Greek mythology and also alot of fairytale retellings. Which is fine with me, since I adore both. 

Let me know about your longest books, what you think about the fan art, and what you think is a "trending topic" in the literary world! 


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