Monday, April 9, 2012

The Hunger Games (MOVIE)


Release Date: March 23, 2012
Recommended for: EVERYONE (not just those that read the book!)

     So today I FINALLY went to see The Hunger Games. Yes I know I'm a few weeks late, but I wanted to make sure the traffic at the movies was slowing down. I hate being in a crowded theater of a movie that I really want to see and there are people yelling at the screen, clapping, and doing other obnoxious things. I CANNOT stand that. So I waited and waited and I'm absolutely glad I did. Because if I had missed one minute of the amazing-ness that was on the screen, I was sure to have hurt someone. 
     Let's start with how all over the place my emotions were throughout the BOOK. While reading it I was happy, sad, excited, nervous, and even scared. In the movie, in those same parts I felt the exact same way. They played out in the movie exactly the way I pictured them playing out in my head. (Besides the dogs in the end.... I thought they'd be bigger.) But I was a wreck of emotions. And boy, I pretty much cried the WHOLE movie. During the Reaping when they saluted Katniss, when Prim, her mom, and Gale were saying good bye to Katniss, when she saluted District 11 after Rue died, and I especially boo-hooed after Rue died. I packed tissues just in case and I definitely needed them. And at that specific moment, I knew they had done a good job because I had to lean over and pass one to my aunt who I went with and she had never read the book.
     The next thing I liked was how close they stayed to the book. It was about 97% right. That 3% was  how she got the Mockingjay pin. I'm not sure about you guys, but that was the one thing I didn't like. It ruined the whole back story. How are they going to incorporate it into the next book? Because there's a chunk of the back story that's in that book. But other than that, the story was spot on. I'm so glad they got it right, because I must admit I was worried about it. It's very rare that a movie based on a book turns out "that" right. 
     And lastly, the actors were all AMAZING! They all played their character extremely well. I felt as connected to them as I felt connected to them in the book. And the effects! OMG. With the tracker jacker stings and the way the camera was moving like we watching had become delirious.... That was so great. The effects and the acting made the movie.  
     Just for kicks: I was EXTREMELY happy that they had put the pig part in there lol That was my favorite part in the book. And LASTLY, (for real this time....) if I wasn't Team Peeta before, I definitely am now. (Buttt I always was lol) Having read about him going on that horrific journey with Katniss and then seeing it on the big screen.... I felt they were even closer. I am definitely 10000000000% #TeamPeeta!
Overall, I give this ***** (5 out of 5)

What did you think of the movie? What were your opinions of everything? 


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